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Console Edition World for Bedrock Edition [1.7.0] [Creative]

Almost every game has a training that tells about the features and particularities of the gameplay. You can not say about Minecraft. Here You designed yourself while not getting in all sorts of online resources to understand how and what to do. Once in the pocket version of Minecraft was a world where he was able to understand the essence of the game. Now You have the opportunity to get acquainted with this map. When You enter through the passage on the right will be a chest that holds the map to display the whole world. Since the map ported from the PC version of Minecraft, some functions may not work properly. In any case, the world is presented, is a great find for a beginner to adapt a little in this wonderful game.

Rainbow Highschool [1.8.0] [Creative]

Down with grim, the Hogwarts produce a rainbow! This map had an Academy, decorated in a rainbow style. Multicolor educational building, soft pink Sakura trees, fountains, swimming pool, neat paths, playgrounds, cozy gazebo, just like in the most romantic animeshka about school. And added rainbow elytra – full of happiness.

Antidroppers 3 End [1.8.0] [Dropper]

Interoper very similar to normal cards, where the main aim is the freefall and a soft landing, only here there is a small change. Instead of decline, You will fly up! You will also have to avoid various obstacles to get to the top. Are the map includes five different levels with unique patterns inspired by the Region. It's pretty fun and addicting game which tests Your reaction.

Project Spectron [1.6.0] [Adventure]

Spectron Project is crazy very full adventure map. She will plunge You head in a cybernetic atmosphere. There are many interesting places for research. The map does not provide any plot or story, but includes a few extra missions. The player is given complete freedom for the development of the surrounding space and survival in Santpoort. You have to battle with the crazy cybernetic monsters. Against them You will have the opportunity to experience different types of weapons, such as a sphere or a sword. Also the map has several levels of parkour for their passage as a reward You will assign cool gold chips and tokens. And yet You manage to use a pair of wings to explore the rest of this exciting online world. You will find just a phenomenal card! It includes the texture pack and custom sounds. Soon download and you will not regret!

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Antidropper 2 [1.5.3] [Dropper]

On the map Antidropper are the game is very similar to a game about falling, only instead of decrease with breakneck speed, You will climb up straight into the sky. Main *Censored*Acha remains the same - avoiding the obstacles to reach the top. Do not hit his head on the blocks, You will get admission to the next level. It is very funny, but at the same time just a crazy game where you have to be a good response. But if You go through all the stages the first time, perhaps Your place among pilots!
You can download the online in English or Spanish.

Elytra Booster [1.2.0]

It's a surprisingly useful addition that allows you to use Ender pearls as an infinite lifting force to elytra (elytra). This means that You will be able to float in the air exactly as much as you want, slicing through the clouds like Superman. Now You don't have to worry about losing speed or altitude. Fly through the vast world of Minecraft, and even with the wonderful wings is certainly a great pleasure, and therefore, the author sincerely recommends to try out his creation.

Elytra Booster

Alex’s Hover Bikes [1.2.0]

This vehicle is like it is in Minecraft from the world of movies about alien civilization. Stylish futuristic bike will carry its owner through the mountains and plains with great speed, but he doesn't receive damage from falling from any height. For such transport to explore the miles of surrounding land. The addon replaces the horses, so find a bike on the plains where the spawn horses. All as I used to, take a seat, take the armor and let's go. 

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Glide PVP (Sky Islands) [1.1.0] [PVP]

Ten Islands floating in the sky, there will be a Pvp battle with other players. Each island has its own little things that you can take to succeed in battle. At the point of emergence there is a chest with wings. Wear them, wait until other players join the game and go to battle!

Remote Controlled Aircraft [1.1.0]

Who doesn't like RC airplanes? Here You can pilot your own model. It's pretty bulky, but well designed, and manage delight. The plane can be used for flights only You will be outside of the plane, directly behind his body. Life is not a ride, but in the world of Minecraft, why not? Quite unusual but definitely worth to try.

UFO [1.1.0]

Finally confirmed the existence of extraterrestrial life! UFOs are real and they can be found in the familiar world of Minecraft. You don't have to search long. It is a pity that it all depends on whether the addon is enabled on Your device. Supplement enters the alien, known only as unidentified flying objects or UFOs. You will be able to float freely on the transport, feeling like a guest of planet Earth.

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