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UFO [1.1.0]


Finally confirmed the existence of extraterrestrial life! UFOs are real and they can be found in the familiar world of Minecraft. You don't have to search long. It is a pity that it all depends on whether the addon is enabled on Your device. Supplement enters the alien, known only as unidentified flying objects or UFOs. You will be able to float freely on the transport, feeling like a guest of planet Earth.

Download ufo-behavior.mcpack [902,02 Kb] downloaded: 189 times
Download ufo-resource.mcpack [1,17 Mb] downloaded: 190 times
Download last version of UFO from the official website

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Scarecrow [1.8.0]

Presents addon introduces a frightening scarecrows in the familiar world of Minecraft. Of course they won't keep birds away, because in the game they simply, apart from the parrots. But the Scarecrow afraid to approach all sorts of annoying monsters. The Scarecrow can be found in the ordinary world in most biomes. A simple Scarecrow will be able to paint in any desired color, but it is not able to ward off such creatures as: the creeper, robbers, witches and phantoms. For this evil scum need a different approach, so a Supplement offers us four special stuffed animals, each of which frightens some kind of monster: or witches or robbers, or creeper, or phantoms.

Alien Warfare Pack [1.2.9]

This is a custom texture pack that includes everything you may need to create a cool space map. All weapons have new textures (for example, the Phaser-Blaster). Added special armor and two new mob, Houston acquired a completely different view

Planetary Survival [1.2.5] [Survival]

This map is a survival type SkyBlock. There are many different planets in the solar system, including Earth. There are also other astronomical objects such as asteroids and the moon. Your most important goal - to survive, but also you will need to find a way to explore other planets. There is one large planet with rings, where you will find the endpoint with the portal.

Alien Creeper [1.2.5]

This addon turns an ordinary creeper in the stranger, which is a purple, four-legged creature with two antennae on his head, and called the Alien Creeper. According to rumors, Alien Creeper came from another planet called the Crypt, but no one knows. Despite the fact that he's scarier and more powerful than a creeper, it really is absolutely not hostile to players.

Realistic Cubemapv.1.0 [1.2.5]

This is a resource pack that replaces the existing cubic texture for a more realistic, making the world somewhat similar to Skybox. At least it's something that was not in earlier versions of the game (at least until implementation of the Bedrock Engine), it seems that this new function. But it has some drawbacks. For example, none of the objects in the sky is not animated (for example, clouds or the sun). (The sun, moon, etc will work with SSPE) 

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