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Robots [1.1.0]


We present You an addon which introduces the robot. It is somewhat similar to the famous iron Golem, but the robot is much cooler and stronger! At the moment, of course, functions of the robot a bit, but eventually the updates will fix it. And in addition to the robots there is a cool modern helmet, wearing which You will be able to see the new interface.

Download robots-behavior.mcpack [769,4 Kb] downloaded: 199 times
Download robots-resource.mcpack [796,68 Kb] downloaded: 150 times
Download last version of Robots from the official website

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You remember aVIRa? This is a very popular card cyber adventures, which was released in March of this year. Today the Creator of this map brings you a special skin pack for this map. It is comprised of five beautifully detailed skins, including the programmer (girl and boy), two robots and extra skin is the main villain of the story. 

Robot Wither [1.1.0]

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Robot Horse [1.1.0]

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