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The IT Clown [1.2.5]

The IT Clown

It is also known for his favorite guise as the Dancing clown Pennywise — is the main antagonist in the horror novel by Stephen king, which recently appeared in cinemas. Now you can create this hideous creature in Minecraft. Adlon is a great for Halloween! To create it you will need four iron block and a pumpkin. Build the structure, as shown below, and place the clown face on top. IT is natural to become hostile towards players, so be careful. The clown is a very strong and pretty fast. You will not survive long without any armor (I can confirm this!). 

Download it-behavior.mcpack [1,31 Mb] downloaded: 723 times
Download it-resource.mcpack [1,38 Mb] downloaded: 524 times
Download last version of The IT Clown from the official website

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