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Super Wheelchair [1.0.4]

It's not just a wheelchair, it's a super wheelchair! Here are the super fast transport, a built-in machine gun. The gun can automatically detect hostile monsters and being at a convenient distance from the targets, eliminate them if necessary. This is a great vehicle for those who want to drive faster than a horse. Also the wheelchair is equipped with additional equipment.

Jurassic Craft [1.1.0]

Jurassic Craft is an incredible expansion pack, which includes one pack of all 11 different dinosaurs. Each one is unique, has its own character and behavior. For example, some can be tamed and even ride, the other is to be feared, as they are aggressive and can kill You. We also recommend to download the map Jurassic Craft World and to immerse themselves in the film "Jurassic Park".

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Lamborghini Veneno [1.0.0]

Lamborghini Veneno in real life is a luxury expensive car. You have a unique opportunity to test the sports car is presented absolutely free. This addon introduces in the familiar world of Minecraft Lamborghini Veneno which looks simply stunning. Get your car key, which replaces the fishing rod with the carrot. Now, not only will You quickly navigate through the world, but also to feel the real diamond magnate.

Wooden Plane [1.0.0]

Presented Supplement will be useful to those who require vehicles for the carriage of cargo over long distances. In addition to Your inventory, You will also be able to use the trunk of a plane, which contains six slots. The air transport does not include attacking function, but it is possible to enjoy a flight or go on a long journey.

War Plane [1.0.0]

This addon was created for those who really wishes to rule the heavens infinite world of Minecraft. Presented Supplement will replace the chicken on an amazing plane. Its design is similar to the famous Spitfire fighter, which was used by Royal military-air forces of great Britain during the Second World War. The aircraft has a baggage compartment in which to put any resources. Stock up on cans of fuel and hit the road. Besides flying fighter can also attack the enemy.

Raptor Blue [1.0.0]

Blue VelociRaptor from the movie Jurassic Park and now you can see it in Minecraft Pocket Edition. The lizard can be tamed and kept as his pet. It is much better than the wolf, because the VelociRaptor will not only be able to protect You, you can also ride a horse and to store some items. Reptiles are like horses, only with claws and fangs and they look stunning.

Sports Car: Lamborghini [1.0.5]

This addon will allow all fans of Minecraft to ride on luxury sports car. It looks very cool, the textures are detailed, making the sports car is so realistic that as much as I want to envy the owners. Also presented the car is quite fast, it is possible to arrange competitions on drag racing. Show everyone who's boss on the road.

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Zombie Apocalypse [1.0.0]

Zombie Apocalypse makes the survival mode much more difficult. Hostile mobs, such as zombies become stronger and faster, and they will no longer act the sun's rays. This means that You may encounter with the dead in any time slot of the day. The players, the people, the animals – no one here is safe. Beware! Zombies everywhere to eat You!

Chest Pet [1.0.0]

This Supplement will surely appeal to all lovers of adventure. It introduces the living chest, which can be tamed and used as a mobile storage. This unusual pet will pursue You, providing as many as 27 slots for any resource. The addon will also add a live box-trap which should be avoided at any cost. This is an amazing addition for those who want to go to a great journey, having no problems with Luggage.

BB-8: A Star Wars [1.0.0]

This addon brings to the game, BB-8 and certain items from the internationally acclaimed film "Star Wars". Charming spherical droid first appeared in the movie "Star wars: the force awakens", and since then has become very popular. It's pretty cute and useful companion who will always remain loyal and faithful to his master. Also the Supplement offers a new space armor and improved weapons. All of this will replace some of the stuff from vanilla Minecraft. If You're a fan of Star wars, then be sure to try out the presented resource.

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