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Minions [1.1.0]

The minions - small yellow cylindrical creatures that is known by the cartoons "Minions" and "Despicable me". This Supplement introduces these objects in the familiar world of Minecraft. They are very cute and can be tamed. Make friends with a minion and he will protect You from hostile monsters, as well as to fish, to hunt, in General, to do all that You order.

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Amazing Mobs [1.1.0]

Amazing Mobs - is an addon that replaces the nine mobs in Minecraft Pocket Edition on the fantastic mythological creatures. Most of them You can tame and keep as a pet. Some of them such as Scorpio, You will be able to ride a horse. Let one of these amazing animals to join You and become a loyal companion on adventures around the game world.

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Gallimimus [1.0.0]

Gallien - a dinosaur that roamed the earth millions of years ago. It can be found for the very small eyes, thin body and long tail. This Supplement replaces svinozombi on the ancient reptiles. This mob will be passive and be scared of players and run away from them. However, You will be able to tame gallimimus and ride it, only they don't particularly like.

Chocobos [1.1.3]

Chocobo is a fictional animal from the game series "Final Fantasy". This giant bird, which is very similar to a chicken or ostrich. You can tame these birds and used for riding. They are very fast and they can not take damage from falling. And let's not forget that Chocobo look very cute and exists in seven different colors!

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Mosasaurus and Tylosaurus [1.0.0]

This addon adds two aquatic reptiles: Mosasaurs and Tylosaurus who lived in the time of dinosaurs. Both are fierce marine creatures, so I do water in the world of Minecraft is much more dangerous for those who like to swim. Fortunately, these lizards rarely come across as live only on certain water expanse.

Mega Mech [1.1.0]

This addon adds a huge mechanical robot that can be controlled by the player. The idea the developers came after watching all the famous movie "Pacific rim". He is a science fiction and talks about a future where the human race manages with giant machines and fight against alien-like sea monsters. The robot is definitely cool because it can fight a war with hostile mobs in the world Minecraft.

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Wyverns [1.0.0]

Wyverns are mythical creatures like winged lizards. They have two legs, therefore are not dragons. This wonderful addon will introduce You to the amazing reptiles, which could fly and defend against hostile mobs. Tame Wyverns, and she will become Your indispensable companion in the familiar world of Minecraft.

Spinosaurus [1.0.0]

This addon adds a huge Spinosaurus in the familiar world of Minecraft. These prehistoric dinosaurs lived one hundred million years ago. They, as scientists believe, was bigger than the Tyrannosaurus Rex, what did the Spinosaurus one of the largest carnivores that have ever existed on earth. This addition will allow You to tame your own Dino that will protect You from hostile mobs and to carry wherever you want.

Trade With Villager [1.0.0]

Trading with the villagers is a unique feature that exist in the PC version of Minecraft, but still is not implemented in Pocket Edition. This addon adds the transaction with the village people in our favorite pocket Minecraft. Now, residents will become more useful. They will sell different items depending on their professions, and that means You can buy everything from food to weapons.

Raptors [1.0.0]

The velociraptors in this Supplement can be both good and bad. For domesticated reptiles can move around, they will try to protect You from hostile mobs. In addition, with the help of the lizard, you can open additional inventory, in which you can store anything. This function is very useful if You want to go on a big adventure. If You are interested in dinosaurs or just support the idea of the Raptor manual, then download and install this addon!

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