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Witherbuster Combat [1.1.0]

Witherbuster Combat

Witherbuster Combat introduces in the familiar world of Minecraft the best combat gear for an epic battle against the boss of Ischitella and other hostile monsters. The mechanical design is equipped with a seat, which should be in the player. This equipment has different abilities that are meant for killing the enemy. In this equipment do not have to fight with bosses, You can safely attack all creatures that attack You.
Next you added a new and improved version of the mechanical suit in black color. Experience the new!

Download witherbuster-combat-armor-behaviors-pack.mcpack [319,35 Kb] downloaded: 11732 times
Download witherbuster-combat-armor-resources-pack.mcpack [543,5 Kb] downloaded: 469 times
Download witherbuster-combat-armor-resources-pack.mcpack [497,07 Kb] downloaded: 177 times
Download witherbuster-combat-armor-behaviors-pack.mcpack [245,79 Kb] downloaded: 170 times
Download last version of Witherbuster Combat from the official website

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