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› Double Underwater fortress

Double Underwater fortress

Double Underwater fortress

This led is really unique, as there is double underwater fortress (or rather the two fortresses next to each other) and it is located very close to the spawn point. One building looks quite strange, because part of it was destroyed. This is probably due to the generation of the second fortress nearby. For use submitted to SIDA, You need Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.15.9 or greater.

SEED:-1528394888 WORLD TYPE:Infinite 

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Are the LEDs really includes a very unique phenomenon. Here You will find yourself at a crossroads as many as five rivers! First, You will find a loop formed by a flow of water in the middle of which is a set of Islands. On one of them and you'll spawn point. If you move clockwise, you will find a second river flowing in a South-westerly direction, and the third is mainly aimed at the West, and the fourth to the mid-West and North-West, and the fifth leads to the North-East, then turns sharply West and empties into a large double lake, which has access to the ocean. Not far from crossing rivers, you can see some of the ravines. The map is suitable both for survival mode and creative, after all, beautiful buildings along with the particular landscape will blend perfectly.

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