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› The dungeon in the village

The dungeon in the village

The dungeon in the village

Dungeons usually are formed deep in the earth. But, in rare cases, You can stumble across an open treasure chest. This led includes such a unique phenomenon. Here is the village in which he hides one Spawner skeletons and a chest. This is a great place to build rocking on mobs where you can easily gain experience and enchant books.

SEED:-1078523866 WORLD TYPE:Infinite 

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The dungeon under the village

In this side You will be able to easily find a portal in the Region. The dungeon is located right under the village. The way there takes a little time, but it's worth it. Once in the dark tunnels, stumble upon a treasure, guarded by skeletons. To get to the coveted portal, You will have to defeat monsters. It definitely makes the game much more interesting. Start your adventure in survival mode with the led.

The village is in the swamp

Using this led, You will be in the village on the swamp. There are farms and a blacksmith. Map the survival, as supplies have large stocks of food. We can say that there are quite rare, as normally the village could not be found in the swamp biome, but local settlement actually formed on the edge of the plain.

Spawner on the surface

In this side represented a fairly rare phenomenon. Just a few steps from the appearance point, you may find Spawner skeletons, which generate on the surface of the earth, not under it. There are also chests with stored products and iron ingots. It is, indeed, a very cool led, and its definitely worth a try!

Village in a mushroom biome

Find a village in a mushroom biome near spawn is a very rare phenomenon in Minecraft. This led is useful in that the local village has a smithy, which is usually lacking in these worlds. The village is located half in the plains, so perhaps this village is not considered a mushroom. In order to find the village, turn left as soon as I appear in the game world, then walk diagonally to the right of 200-300 blocks and will be on the site.

Soaring Spawner spiders

This is one of those rare and very strange seed, which sometimes come to the site. Near the spawn point You will be able to find two soaring Spawner spiders that are next to each other in the clay biome. They literally fly in the air above the ground. He who has found such a phenomenon, never seen anything like it. This is quite an interesting led!

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