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› The village has a blacksmith and a Temple in the desert

The village has a blacksmith and a Temple in the desert

The village has a blacksmith and a Temple in the desert

It's a great led for those who are going to start the game in survival mode. Here You will find the village where a blacksmith lives. Also near the settlement is located a deserted Temple. Thanks to the collected resources can be a good idea to develop. In just a few minutes You will put on, shoes, make weapons and cook food. Then, you can go on a big adventure and explore the endless world of Minecraft.

SEED:3095014 WORLD TYPE:Infinite 

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Three villages and a desert Temple

Here are the pretty cool led that includes three villages and one desert temple. They are located in completely different biomes, but very close to the spawn point. In the settlements and the temple holds many useful resources, so this map is great for survival mode, as there is the opportunity of rapid development.

The triple village is in the desert

Presented in side You will appear near the triple village is located in the desert biome. It is possible to find 24 farm, two blacksmiths and more than 20 houses. Here is quite a lot of resources, so this card is perfect for those who want to start an adventure in the dangerous world of Minecraft in survival mode.

Too many Churches and other

In this side You will be close to three different temples. The map is suitable for those who want to start a new adventure in the challenging world of Minecraft, as there is just a few minutes you can produce about fifty gold and iron ingots. Also presented in side You will be able to find the village and the witch's hut. Generation of the world is indeed very interesting, so be sure to try it on.

Triple village, the temple in the wilderness and Spawner zombies

Located in this side is really cool triple village with incredible mountain landscape. Here you can find two blacksmiths and a lot of useful resources that are particularly useful for initial development in the world of Minecraft. Near the settlement is a desert Temple as well as the video indicated the place where very close to the surface of the earth formed the Treasury with chests and spawners zombies.

The village is on a rock hut and a witch

In this side You will be able to locate the village where some houses were on top of quite a steep mountain. The structure is located on the edge of the cliff and look very strange. Among them is the home of a blacksmith. Also near the settlement inhabited by a witch in his little cozy hut. And after wandering in the desert, comes across the temple with protected treasures. Start your adventure in the presented side.

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