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› Mansion dark forest near the spawn point

Mansion dark forest near the spawn point

Mansion dark forest near the spawn point

At this location You will be about two small villages in the plains biome is a huge mansion located in a dark forest. This the Royal estate are known to be extremely hard to find, and therefore its generation near the point of spawn makes this led very attractive. However, you need to consider that the map will only work on version 1.1 of Minecraft and above.

SEED:3322636929 WORLD TYPE:Infinite 

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Forest mansion near the spawn point

Woodland Mansion is a new type of structure generated in the world, designed for the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition.
Actually, it's one of the rarer structures in Minecraft. But not this side! Here we come very close to forest manor. It is easy to find it for a few seconds after appearing. Mansion seamlessly blends into the landscape and is partially in the picturesque mountain. The interior is randomly generated, so there will always be something new. And please be careful, there may meet unfriendly strangers!

The Distant Forest Mansion

Mansion in the woods is a rare structure, which is usually generated in the dark forest. The estate consists of 2-3 floors and many different rooms. Some areas are hidden from view, so You have to look for secret passages. This led only works with the 1.1.0 version of Minecraft Pocket Edition and above.

The flat spawn

In this side You find yourself on very flat plains biome. This is probably the most smooth random generation of the world, which only can encounter in Minecraft Pocket Edition. This area will be useful for those who want to build something and doesn't want long to bother with leveling the ground. Also around full of forests, you may gain enough resources for their creations, if you are going to play in survival mode. And here You will find a small village. For this we need to travel a distance of 100-150 blocks straight from spawn point.

Witch house and a village near spawn

Starting with version 0.14 for Minecraft Pocket Edition on the conventional gaming world began to pace the wicked witch, and also appeared their huts. They are usually located at the swamp biome. In this side is not difficult to detect the witch's house. And generating will be pleased with the village, which is located near spawn.

Two temples in the jungle near spawn

You will find yourself deep in a huge jungle biome. Near the spawn point you can find two temples are located very close to each other. Here you can find amazing treasures such as diamonds and gold. But remember that the led only works with version 0.15 of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

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