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Wave [1.1.1]


This addon introduces to the usual Minecraft world is a very strange mob called Wave. The creature can cause with a single Redstone mechanism. In case of success in the air will fly something similar to a worm. The creature will fly, creating different patterns in the sky. But be vigilant and not give in to hypnosis, being in survival mode, otherwise the mob without thinking will attack You. Presented Supplement, definitely strange, but it allows you to demonstrate your fighting skills against something foreign.

Download wave-addon-vernian-mcpe-inspiresd-by-dogma.mcaddon [367,93 Kb] downloaded: 96 times
Download last version of Wave from the official website

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NPC [1.8.0]

In this addition the game introduces NPC – NPC. Useful for multiplayer servers helps to beautify a server, brings a special atmosphere in his tone. To call this fellow with the command "/summon npc: wave". It can cause even flying in the sky – nothing wrong with a character is not going to happen. It is possible to rename the labels – we usually do with the help of the anvils. If you wish, you can change the textures of NPC, replacing the picture of his skin in the appropriate folder. these are All elements of design and how You have them set up is Your personal choice.

Mob Fighting Cup [1.5.3]

Presents addon will make all mobs in the world Minecraft< / span> to fight with each other. The purpose of this Supplement is to contemplate how one group of creatures competing with the other in force. Such battles can be carried out in the arena or on the field. Just zaspanie two or more mobs and they immediately start to fight for life and death. Who, in your opinion, will be the winner? Donkey or Cadaver? You will be surprised! The developer recommends to install the creative game mode, otherwise all the mobs, even those that were previously friendly, such as a donkey will attack You in survival mode. Four skulls were replaced by trophies that you can reward the winner. So invite your friends to have a real war. The idea of the addon is taken from a mod called "Mob Battle Mod", which is intended for the PC version of Minecraft.

Deep Sea [1.2.5]

This mod transforms the Hell into the Deep sea. The whole world, including mobs, textures have been updated to look like he is under water. Perhaps the author was inspired by a future update Minecraft The Update Aquatic, where we promise to add marine animals. How to get to the sea? You can visit the Deep sea, entering into the portal of Deep Sea. It's actually a common portal to Hell. To create it you will need obsidian blocks, silicon and steel. In the ocean you will encounter many unusual creatures. 

The Vampires Addonv.1.0 [1.2.0]

Vampire Addon brings into play several new mobs and items. All three new mob are vampires that are extremely dangerous. They are all hostile to any friendly beings they encountered. But they have a weakness, and it's daylight. So a great recommendation for you - avoid the night and go out during daylight hours only. Vampires are incredibly fast, so you really have little chance to escape from them. 

All Glazed Terracotta Patterns [1.1.0] [Creative]

This card represents to Your attention all versions of the patterns with the use of glazed tiles. These colorful blocks come in eight types and how they can be nice to stack, shown below in the screenshots. Glazed tile hardness is no different from the stone and use it mainly just for decor. Presents a map created for the version of Minecraft Pocket Edition and above.

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