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Advanced Death Run [1.2.13] [Map]

In this mini-game is absolutely everything is automated. There are two teams (runners and murderers), are programmed using experience levels. Unlike most of the cards in the killers have a way to win. All the runners have a total of 20 lives. Once all lives are lost fugitives, the murderer wins and the map resets. If the runners will be all, at least with one remaining life, they win! There are a few checkpoints that can use runners. How to play? When the game starts, all the runners get a pick, and with each new checkpoint, it will get a new item. When a runner dies, they have to hold the element to a control point that they choose to appear and move forward. In the cell selection control point has a key that tells which element is begun, and on which the control point.

SG Mega Games [1.2.13] [Mini game]

SG Mega Games - the biggest and largest map of the tournament with more than 100 different mini-games and modes! The possibilities are almost endless! The game is built in randomizer, so you can be sure that maps will not be repeated too often. All the mini games support up to 8 players. If you like mini-games, you definitely need to try this map!

Superland v.2.0 [1.8.0] [PVP]

This map consists of several mini-games combined into one. It is best suited for playing in the Realms or for local multiplayer, as most games designed for two players or more. Playing on this map, you will be able to practice in such modes as PVP, parkour, quiz, bedwas, speedrun, Mario, dropper, jumper and more. In the expansion there is a custom texture pack

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FS Treasure Hunt [1.2.13] [Map]

This map is based on Hunt Simulator, which is a map, originally created for Roblox. Your goal is to dig up buried treasures, which can then be exchanged for tool upgrades and other items. You can play this map alone or with friends. The map is fully automated with commands and resource package. How to play? Once everything is attached and you are ready to start the treasure hunt, go to Shulker Box on the side of the card. Take materials out of the box. Fireworks - teleports you. Once you have found sand and gold, you can sell it to the residents found in the huts. Use the sand to get the gold to upgrade their tools and additional items.

DeathRun: The Fandom Update [1.2.11] [Mini game]

DeathRun is a game where your fate depends on how well you can overcome obstacles and traps. This is a multiplayer mini-game where some of you will be runners, others murderers. This is an extremely tense game, especially for runners, which is constantly threatened by different traps. How to play? There are two different roles, and each role has a unique objective to complete. Runners are instructed to walk to the finish line, but can win only one player. This means that "every man for himself". Ubicomm instructed to activate traps that can mislead Runners. 

Pac-Man [1.2.10] [Mini game]

Pac-Man is one of the best arcade games of all time. It was released in 1980 by Japanese video game designer and has since become an icon in the video game industry. You need to conduct a character Pac-Man through a maze, eating on the way the dots and avoiding the ghosts ghosts. To complete the game you need to eat all the dots.

SharkGames Realms Map [1.2.9] [Map]

This map includes several different mini-games, TNT Run, starting from and finishing Kit PVP, and most importantly, they are all United in one map. This card has several interesting features such as: specialty shops, soudki, loot and more. This map is constantly updated in Real Realms SharkGames.

Discount TNT Run [1.2.9] [Mini game]

Discount TNT Run is a classic TNT RUNNER mini-game where you can compete with friends or practice your skills alone. You will run in the arena of medium size, with a floor of pressure plates, sand and dynamite. As soon as you step on the plate it causes the TNT activation and Espania sand under your feet. Your main goal is to survive as long as possible! 

Three Nights At MineStand’s [1.2.9] [Map]

Three nights in MineStand's is a map based on the famous horror game called Five Nights At Freddy's. It is an open map with specific tasks that you must perform in the process of passing. How to play? Before the game you will find yourself in the lobby. Be sure to take a book from the chest, to learn more about the map and how it works.  Players who use a controller or keyboard, now I can also play this mini mode

Do You Know Update Aquatic? [1.2.9] [Mini game]

How well are You familiar with updating the water expanses of the world Minecraft? Learn it, playing a great game on the map. Here You will be given 35 questions of varying difficulty. Count your points and compare them with the number of points Your friends. The developer hopes that You will be able to have fun, because this is a very simple mini-game, and in addition very informative within our favorite games.

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