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TNT Maniac v.1.0 [1.2.0] [Mini game]

TNT Maniac is a mini - game in which something similar to the Bomb Lobbers from Mineplex, where the main goal is to destroy the other team. TNT Maniac is suitable for any number of players, and before the battle you must choose one of three classes. There is only one arena (Pirate Ship), but will be added more cards in future update.

How to play? Before you start the game, you are advised to read the rules and guidelines in the game lobby. Once this is done, you will be able to enter the game and choose a class. To select, simply push the red or blue block. Then you are teleported to another platform. Here you need to choose a class. (Step on the block to select the class.)

  • Deadtonator - spawned creeper
  • Thunder Wizard - Can summon lightning
  • The Flame Archer - Can shoot fire/explosive arrows 
once they step into the arena, you can start the game. The main goal is to destroy the other teams base and destroy all enemies. 

St. Patrick’s Day Trivia [1.0.5] [Mini game]

St. Patrick's day is a cultural and religious holiday. On this auspicious day celebrating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and pay tribute to St. Patrick, who is believed to have died on March 17. If You wish to know more about the Irish culture, as well as things associated with your favorite game Minecraft, be sure to install the map and enjoy the atmosphere of the holiday.

CommandParkour [1.0.5] [Parkour]

Here are is a small map consisting of five simple levels with parkour. It perfectly shows us, in practice, the action of the command unit, which is a new item in Minecraft Pocket Edition version 1.0.5. Thanks to him, the developer was able to create a continuous mini-game. Also introduced automatic save points and ads displayed on the screen to display the rules and details.

Rock-Paper-Scissors [1.0.0] [Redstone]

Rock-Paper-Scissors is a simple game where two people using the hands of time must show one of the three figures. Of course, in Minecraft there is no chance to create such a flexible design in the form of a hand that would automatically attach themselves to different forms. Therefore, the rock-scissors-paper might not tried to create in the game world of our favorite games. But there is a solution! This map presents the Redstone mechanics with which You and a friend will be able to compete and find out on whose side luck.

Ship Wars [1.0.0] [PVP]

Ship Wars - fun PVP map that requires at least two players. You will be divided into two different floating ship. The goal of the battle is simple - to destroy the ship of the opponent. In battle you can use three different weapons that are included in the addon. Each of them has its explosive power. If You want to restore the arena right in the game, don't forget to download the world template.

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