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SG TNT Tag [1.2.5] [Map]

This is a mini-game based on the popular game called TAG. However, there is a slight difference, and this mode TNT. You run around inside the arena. If you Tegger, are you trying to tag other players to become a runner and so on. Team SkyGames loves TNT, so you can expect more mini-games TNT in the future! The game ends after 45 seconds, and the loser will be the one who would be Tegger at the last moment

Flying Zombies [1.2.5] [Parkour]

This is a really fun and unique mini-game where you will be offered different levels of parkour, while you are chased by a giant flying zombie. Zombie destroys everything in its path, so this means that you need to complete parkour challenge before it will catch and destroy your way. After starting mini-game, you are teleported to a new place where you will see a random level of parkour. It is important to start moving as soon as you've been spawned.

Natural Disasters Survival [1.2.5] [Mini game]

This map is based on the mini-game from ROBLOX called "Survive the Disaster". All players appear in the area where soon to be a random natural disaster. The goal of each player is to survive as long as possible and remain the last survivor. Despite the fact that may be tempted to bring rivals, you actually are not allowed to kill them. Instead, you have to help them! How to play? This map recommended for multiplayer games. One player must enter the control room and choose a disaster. Then all players are teleported to a new area where there will be a natural disaster. Every disaster is different. There is everything from fire, to the rain of TNT. If you die, you will respawn in the lobby. You can watch the game by stepping on the pressure plate.

Floorball [1.2.5] [Map]

This is a mini-game that allows you to play flash ball in Minecraft. This is a new sport that was originally created in Sweden (and Minecraft), and it works in the following way. All players of two different teams equipped with sticks, which they use to hit the ball. How to play? In the center of the site you will find a small ball. Wait for everyone to join before you hit the ball. The goal is obvious. Florbolu use the stick to throw the ball into the goal. If your team scores a goal, the screen will display the notification text. You can choose to play by your own rules, or contact one of the books rules available on the Internet. This is a really fun mini game that you can use for organizing tournaments and other games with friends.

Thimble [1.2.5] [Mini game]

"Thimble" is a really fun multiplayer mini-game where players take turns jumping from high buildings and trying to safely fall into the water, while placing the block. Over time the pool will become increasingly smaller, and the players end up accidentally fall on the blocks and will die. This is a really interesting mini-game and something like a dropper. The game will continue until, until all players but one drops on the block and not die. Make sure you break the blocks before the start of a new game.

SG Minigame Festival [1.2.5] [Mini game]

SG Minigame Festival - perfect map for those who like mini-games. This map contains a total of three different games. All mini-games, except one, are multiplayer games, so be sure to invite friends to the game.  mini game Murder Fest (requires at least 3 players), SwitchFest (requires at least 2 players), Hunt Package (requires at least 1 player), There are three different mini-games, and all of them can be played on a single map. You will also find detailed instructions for each mode on the map. In Murder Fest as soon as the game starts, one person will be chosen as the killer and another player is chosen as the detective. The other players are victims, the purpose of which is to survive as long as possible. The killer must kill all players and for these purposes he has a sword. The detective must find and neutralize the killer with a bow.

Elytra Parkour 3 v.1.0 [1.2.5] [Map]

This is the third (and to date) the last card from the card Elytra Parkour. This is a more advanced map than the previous maps because it uses more complex functions of Redstone and command block for the automation of some aspects of the mini-games. There are many different levels, so it will not be boring

DeathRun: Reborn v.1.0 [1.2.0] [Mini game]

DeathRun is a game where your fate depends on how you are well able to overcome various obstacles and traps on speed. This is a multiplayer mini-game where some of you will be runners, others murderers. This is quite a challenging mode, especially for runners, which is constantly threatened by different traps. Runners are instructed to walk to the finish line, but can win only one player. In most cases, you need to follow the rule of "every man for himself". Murderers instructed to activate traps that will harass runners. 

Murder Run v.1.0 [1.2.0] [Map]

This map is based on a popular series of YouTube clips from Ssundee where one plays the killer, and the other players must hide. The advantage is that they can buy traps. These traps can then be used for protection from murderers. How to play? Once all are entered into the world, it's time to start the game. Before you enter the arena, you will be able to choose between two different options. Or you can randomize the process of selecting roles, you can allow someone to be a killer. The killer will appear in 20 seconds after will appear of places to hide. This gives the victims some time to find good shelter. The role of the killer - kill all other players. The victim must do everything possible to survive. You can buy traps from the stores to protect themselves from the killer. It is recommended that all players have off games tags in the game settings before starting the game.

SG Block-Party v.1.0 [1.2.0] [Mini game]

Block-Party - another good mini-game from SkyGames borrowed from Mario Party. Mini-game takes place on a small platform made of randomized color blocks. Every few seconds, all players will receive a block in your inventory. Your goal is to identify the unit on the platform with the same color as in your inventory and stand on it. If you fail, you lose! It's really fun in single player mode and in multiplayer.

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