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Lucky Crystal v.1.0.1 [1.2.9]

This addition adds a special lucky crystal which will appear in random places in your world. You may face with crystals to get a particular  effect. It is impossible to say whether you will get the effect of a nerf or buff. In this sense they are very similar to Lucky Blocks. They are very useful if you're fighting and quickly need a buff. How does it work? "Lucky crystals" popping up everywhere. Every time pigs will spawn, there is a chance that there will be a "Lucky Crystal" instead of a pig. You can also use the egg spawn of pigs to try to get the crystal. Here is a list of different effects you can get with the help of a crystal: speed, acceleration, jumping ability, instantaneous treatment, the increase of hearts, levitation, instant damage, explosions, hunger, poison, slowness Crystals also affect mobs. Because some of the crystals are quite dangerous, sometimes it can be useful to send the mob on crystal 

SharkGames Realms Map [1.2.9] [Map]

This map includes several different mini-games, TNT Run, starting from and finishing Kit PVP, and most importantly, they are all United in one map. This card has several interesting features such as: specialty shops, soudki, loot and more. This map is constantly updated in Real Realms SharkGames.

ParkourMadness [1.2.9] [Map]

ParkourMadness is parkerna map consisting of five different parkour levels. Each level is about the same size, but gradually becomes harder when you increase the level. The levels are built in such a way that you'll die if you fall from the platform. But there are checkpoints in different places in each level, so try to get to them to save your progress

The Dummy Horror [1.2.9] [Horror]

It is an adventure that combines the classic history of horror. You have recently returned home after a hard day's work, and while you rested in your house, you get a call from his friend, and he wants you to come to his house because he has something to show you. Since you have nothing to do, you decide to go to him. Play on the map to find out what happens next! In the picture you will find several buttons that you can use to read the history and the beginning of the game. 

$24M Hillside Mansion [1.2.9] [Map]

This map contains amazing luxurious mansion, built on the slope of a big mountain. The interior of the mansion has a good level of detail, which makes it very interesting to explore. The author believes that construction in real life, this house would be worth $ 24 million. So, living in this mansion, you can fully consider yourself a millionaire

Discount TNT Run [1.2.9] [Mini game]

Discount TNT Run is a classic TNT RUNNER mini-game where you can compete with friends or practice your skills alone. You will run in the arena of medium size, with a floor of pressure plates, sand and dynamite. As soon as you step on the plate it causes the TNT activation and Espania sand under your feet. Your main goal is to survive as long as possible! 

Three Nights At MineStand’s [1.2.9] [Map]

Three nights in MineStand's is a map based on the famous horror game called Five Nights At Freddy's. It is an open map with specific tasks that you must perform in the process of passing. How to play? Before the game you will find yourself in the lobby. Be sure to take a book from the chest, to learn more about the map and how it works.  Players who use a controller or keyboard, now I can also play this mini mode

Placeable Food [1.2.9]

This addon allows you to use various items of kitchen interior. Currently, it only works as decoration, because you can't eat any food off of plates. How does it work? Place the stove, and then take any product to place it on a plate. Long press on the plate with any type of food and press the interaction button to put it on the plate Windows 10: right-click the mouse on the tablet with food to place it on a plate You can scrape food off the plates using a damp sponge.  

Do You Know Update Aquatic? [1.2.9] [Mini game]

How well are You familiar with updating the water expanses of the world Minecraft? Learn it, playing a great game on the map. Here You will be given 35 questions of varying difficulty. Count your points and compare them with the number of points Your friends. The developer hopes that You will be able to have fun, because this is a very simple mini-game, and in addition very informative within our favorite games.

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