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Demon Pets (1.8+ Only) [1.8.0]

Presented Supplement implements five brand new demons to Your familiar world of Minecraft. All of them are friendly to players and can be tamed using carrots, beets or potatoes. Demons, despite their size, very strong. Each of them can fly and has their own unique abilities that allow them to attack opponents. Demons of Fire and Explosions throw monsters of the fiery spheres, the wood demon throws snowballs, the demon of Light, throws bombs of salkera, and the demon of Darkness shoots arrows. To detect these new cute mobs, You can lowland biomes. Download this addon and become the owner of the best companion with whom you can bounce back on a long adventure in the harsh world of Minecraft.

Tameable Pandas [1.8.0]

This addon adds several features to the beloved Panda. Now You will be able to tame this lovely fluffy bear, suggesting bamboo. As a companion Panda will protect You about the bloodthirsty mobs. By placing the cake in the slot for the saddle, You can ride a bear and dangle on horseback through the vast world of Minecraft. To speed up pandas hold bamboo. If you want to leave your pet at home, use the interact button in order for the beast sat down and didn't budge, otherwise it will follow You into the mine and dare to plunge into the lava.  Panda lovely animal. This resource is really useful if You wish to get more opportunities related to this cute animal.

Tyrannosaurus Rex (1.8 Only) [1.8.0]

Presents add-on introduces the real Tyrannosaurus Rex, with awesome realistic movements! But the most epic is, of course, the roar. Before the attack t-Rex will pull your neck forward, opened his jaws, growling loudly. This dinosaur is definitely the most dangerous mob in the world of Minecraft, so if You value the life of a character, then be sure to beware of them, no matter how daring You were not. But if you're lucky You have the chance to find small harmless reptiles, which are able to tame, feed them meat. These Pets are great defenders, and when they grow up, You can catch them on horseback and go on their long adventure through the harsh endless world of Minecraft.

Lions [1.8.0]

Presents addon brings into play the great king of beasts. Since this mob no substitutes, the resource will operate only with the 1.8 version of Minecraft. Lions can be found absolutely in any biome. By default, the adults will attack You, unlike the kids, so you should be extremely careful. But offering them pieces of fresh raw meat, You will be able to tame these wayward animals, and following on Your heels to protect them from all kinds of monsters, they will become a perfect companion in the harsh world of Minecraft. To ensure that Your pet is always in great shape don't forget to feed him meat.

Doctor Doge [1.1.1]

Imagine if Your faithful pet had healing powers? Thanks to this addon the world is populated by another kind of monster. They will spawn in the world on desert biomes (instead of the husk), and they do not need to call or to tame, but if You get close to him closer than 16 units, they will follow You and will heal You damage. Sounds and moves this dog is like a zombie, but absolutely friendly. He also looks like a zombie, but in a white robe, his head like a dog, with a good-natured face. These dogs-doctors will not burn in lava and fire, but rain or water they are killed. Dying, the healer throws the diamonds, diamond sword, Golden apples.

Valliars – The Mystic Pets [1.1.0]

Valliars is a new creature, which will replace the usual mobs of kids. In a normal environment fall they will be extremely rare, so if You are lucky enough to find one, then do not hesitate, start to tame. Valary quite useful, they have different abilities and can be a great defender. Teach them combat skills, equip weapons and armor. Start your new adventure of survival with the best companion.

Lions [1.0.5]

This addon will replace some of the usual mobs on the gorgeous lions. On the one hand, this is a very majestic animals, and on the other incredibly brutal and demands a high respect. In Minecraft, the lions will attack only when they feel hungry, therefore You should be vigilant. If You come across a cub of this amazing animal, You will have a great opportunity to tame the "king" and make it his companion in a dangerous adventure.

Mario Craft [1.1.0]

This addon introduces to the usual Minecraft world of four characters from the popular game "Super Mario". Two of them can even become Your companions. The main feature of the resource is an amazing accompanying sounds. In a future addition, the developer plans to create many more heroes. If You are a fan of the Super Mario games, then definitely try the submitted Supplement and you will not regret.

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My Wolf [1.0.4]

Using this addon You upgrade Your wolf. He will gain new abilities and incredible endurance and strength to withstand the dangers. In General, the wolf will become more useful and indispensable in their world of Minecraft. At the moment addition enters the pet is not so much new features, but the developer will try in a future addition to include things like the drive and additional equipment.

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