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Tameable Pandas [1.8.0]

This addon adds several features to the beloved Panda. Now You will be able to tame this lovely fluffy bear, suggesting bamboo. As a companion Panda will protect You about the bloodthirsty mobs. By placing the cake in the slot for the saddle, You can ride a bear and dangle on horseback through the vast world of Minecraft. To speed up pandas hold bamboo. If you want to leave your pet at home, use the interact button in order for the beast sat down and didn't budge, otherwise it will follow You into the mine and dare to plunge into the lava.  Panda lovely animal. This resource is really useful if You wish to get more opportunities related to this cute animal.

Mini Mobs [1.1.0]

This mod makes surrounding mobs miniature. It is quite funny: a world where a tiny run of a cow and scary creeper. Seriously, when you explode these funny firecrackers, they damage only themselves. The world, accordingly, it becomes safer because and skeletons and spiders and other vermin will also be much weaker than their original versions. And You on the rights of the giant easy hang himself among dwarfs and go about their business.

Controllable Llama [1.1.1]

Llama is a new animal in the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Thanks to these ungulates Pets can make transportation of blocks and other items, but the transportation process is not always easy, as Lam need to drive. Probably a developer too, or just faced with this problem, so I decided to create submitted the addon, which for Lam can sit and control their horse. Your character will experience the same feeling from riding a horse. Now to carry the load will become much easier and more enjoyable, and much faster than ever before.

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Tameable Polar Bears [1.0.0]

Polar bears are some of the new creatures 1.0.0 Minecraft Pocket Edition. They are neutral animals that can be found in snow biomes. This addon allows you to tame the bears, feeding them with fish. Keeping them as Pets, they will follow You and even be allowed to ride on their backs.

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