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RoboCraft [1.2.0]


Four iron block and a pumpkin in this addon turn into a huge battle humanoid robot. Get into it and crush your enemies with missiles and powerful blows in melee. This machine runs fast and jumps high. Is controlled by key-scissors. This is particularly useful terminator and Megatron to fight Iskusiteley.

Download robocraft_b.mcpack [371,66 Kb] downloaded: 352 times
Download robocraft_blue.mcpack [450,86 Kb] downloaded: 195 times
Download robocraft_red.mcpack [454,82 Kb] downloaded: 166 times
Download robocraft_green.mcpack [446,97 Kb] downloaded: 130 times
Download robocraft_black.mcpack [443,08 Kb] downloaded: 166 times
Download last version of RoboCraft from the official website

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AdventureRobot [1.7.0]

Presents addon enters in the familiar world of Minecraft, really cool fighting robot, which can be used as the vehicle. It looks very cool and pretty realistic. With a super armor Your adventure will be much safer. The robot is equipped with a large number of missiles that can be launched at enemies. To find a mechanical suit will work both in normal and in the lower world, or you can create manually using spawn eggs. Be robots quite rare, compared to other mobs, making the game in survival mode more interesting. Use the key to activate the suit. Picking up the remote, You will be able to shoot missiles at enemy monsters, causing huge damage, after which to You hardly someone will be able to come. The robot is also immune to fire, which is very convenient.

The IT Clown [1.2.5]

It is also known for his favorite guise as the Dancing clown Pennywise — is the main antagonist in the horror novel by Stephen king, which recently appeared in cinemas. Now you can create this hideous creature in Minecraft. Adlon is a great for Halloween! To create it you will need four iron block and a pumpkin. Build the structure, as shown below, and place the clown face on top. IT is natural to become hostile towards players, so be careful. The clown is a very strong and pretty fast. You will not survive long without any armor (I can confirm this!). 

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4 Command Block Creations [1.0.5] [Redstone]

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