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Vanilla+ Addon [1.1.0]

Vanilla+ Addon

Presents addon adds several features to the usual zombie-horses. Now ordinary horses can become infected by evil and become like them. You have to keep Your Pets in a closed and well protected from the evil creatures of the premises. Presented the Supplement, really interesting, it makes you care not only about themselves. It's a pity that such a function does not provide the official version of our beloved game.

Download vanilla.mcpack [54,31 Kb] downloaded: 26 times
Download last version of Vanilla+ Addon from the official website

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More Riders [1.13.0]

I wonder if you can ride a horse several players? Now you can, this addition adds 2 functions: ability to travel 2 players on one horse and able to ride with your Pets and residents!  You can shoot a bow while moving, if you're not a rider, but if you are a rider, you may cause harm to the passenger, when in archery the Ability to add Pets and villagers in beta testing - the best way to save passengers from driving through water. Only horses can travel with a pet and villager, but the horse-skeletons no function Pets. This addon is still in beta stage

Supported version of Minecraft 1,10 1,11 1,12 1,13 (beta)

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