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Find The Button: Redstone Edition v.1.0 [1.2.6] [Map]

This map consists of 14 different levels, each based on a specific block or element, and is connected with Redstone. Although uruni quite small but some are quite complex. If you're stuck on a level, there is a book of tips that you can read to get some tips and additional information to the passage. It works for both single-player and multiplayer games. How to play? At each level there is a button, and your goal is to find her. This is necessary to access the next level. Rules: do Not break blocks, unless otherwise specified, the gamemode: survival difficulty: peaceful

Enhanced Vanilla Shader [1.2.6]

This Shader was created to improve the light from the torch and shadow Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Despite the fact that it is quite a small change, it creates a completely new atmosphere and authenticity to the game graphics. If you are looking for a little more realism, but still want to retain the original look of Minecraft, the Enhanced Shader package Vanilla - perfect.

Fractured World Addon [1.2.6]

This Supplement includes all of the mobs that were included in map adventures Fractured World. All new mobs have a completely new model and texture. Most of them are quite powerful, and some are even considered bosses, so this is a great option for anyone looking for new challenges in Minecraft. How does it work? Most mobs replace those that were originally found in the Overworld or in the end. This means that they will appear naturally and you will be able to quickly find them in the game.

Full list of new mobs:

  • the Evil cow, Replace cow Health: 40 hearts Damage: 4
  • Stone MiniGolem Replaces Creeper Health: 10 hearts Damage: 8
  • the Mummy Boss Replaces the evoker Health: 140 hearts Types of attacks Call bugs
  • Bugs Replaces Vex Health: 10 hearts Damage: 3
  • Mushroom-spider-boss Replaces spider Health: 60 hearts Damage: 18
  • Cave spider boss Replaces cave spider Health: 100 hearts Damage: 5
  • Demonic boss Replaces Zombie Pigman Health: 10 hearts Damage: 5
  • Replaces Giant parrots parrots Health: 35 hearts Damage: 4
  • Mushroom-monster-boss Replaces the witch Health: 400 hearts Damage: 10
  • Snow Golem the snow Golem Boss Replaces Facial animation Health: 150 hearts Damage: 2 Damage from snow: 5
  • Gorilla replaces the Iron Golem Health: 150 hearts Damage: 20
  • Replaces Snow boss zombie Health: 80 Damage: 3

PRISON 4.0 v.4.0 [1.2.6] [Map]

It's a prison map, which can be used for role-playing games, cops and robbers, prison escape or something like that, when you need jail. There are a few interesting features such as a choice between two different teams, customizable trading system, custom items and a few new skins for the villagers. The prison includes several different areas, such as prisons, cafeteria and courtyard.

WinterCraft Shader [1.2.6]

This Shader will transform your world into a winter Wonderland. The main and most noticeable difference is a constant white fog. Another feature is the fully-updated skybox, which includes the white fluffy clouds. At the moment the addon only works for Android and some other devices and not optimized for night time compared to daytime.

Snowgrunt [1.2.6]

The snow Golem turned into a very dangerous snowman called Snowgrunt! To some extent it can be considered a boss because he has a huge level of health. The model and textures of the mob has been completely redesigned. Snow biomes would definitely be much more dangerous with that monster! How does it work? Snowgrunt - a rare snowy substance. But if you don't want to spend a lot of time to find it, you can spawn a snow Golem in creative. Build the structure with the four snow blocks and one pumpkin. The snowman, naturally, hostile to players. He has two different attacks

SG Zombies [1.2.6] [Map]

SG Zombies is a mini-game PVE, you can play both alone and with friends. The main goal is to survive all the waves, killing monsters and unlock all levels. If you are looking for ways to improve my own fighting skills, then SG Zombies is a great option because it offers both fun and intense gameplay. How to play? Kill zombies to get points (experience points) and use them to purchase new items and items. Waves of zombies will appear so often, so you always need to make sure that you set up and ready to fight monsters. There are several doors that will unlock the next level once you reach a certain number of experience points. The first gate (which does not coincide with what is seen on the screenshot) rasplachivatsya for 750 experience points.

EVO Shaders [1.2.6]

EVO Shaders Mod is beyond anything we've seen before. No matter what game area You will find yourself, everything will look ten times better. Lava in Hell looks incredibly because of the glowing red-hot texture. A normal Minecraft world has gained a much more realistic and authentic appearance. Take, for example, the leaves of the trees moving in the wind and beautiful clean water.

Find the Button (Christmas Edition) [1.2.5] [Mini game]

This is a mini-quest called Find the button. It was created so that you could pass in a day only one level. Just a mini-game 12 levels. If you wanachate passage now, you will finish it by the New year. In addition to mini-games, players can also explore the village of Santa Claus. The rules of the game: survival mode, difficulty: peaceful brightness of 60-70%, are allowed to break iron blocks

The Cube Escape v.1.2.4 [1.2.5] [Logical]

Test your skills in Minecraft through a series of 9 different tasks within the spatial cube. You are trapped inside the cube, and your goal is to break through all barriers to ultimately find the treasure and, hopefully, the exit. Parkour, mazes, dangers, and puzzles are just a small part of what you will encounter. There are 9 different quests, and each of them will always be something new.

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