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PRISON 4.0 v.4.0 [1.2.6] [Map]


It's a prison map, which can be used for role-playing games, cops and robbers, prison escape or something like that, when you need jail. There are a few interesting features such as a choice between two different teams, customizable trading system, custom items and a few new skins for the villagers. The prison includes several different areas, such as prisons, cafeteria and courtyard.

Download 4prison.mcworld [154,5 Mb] downloaded: 1101 times
Download prison-resource-pack-3.0.mcpack [1,85 Mb] downloaded: 380 times
Download prison-behavior-pack-3.0.mcpack [9,43 Kb] downloaded: 221 times
Download prison-guard.png [1,19 Kb] downloaded: 147 times
Download convict.png [1,62 Kb] downloaded: 158 times
Download last version of PRISON 4.0 from the official website

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