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Mo’ Bends​ BE (Animated Mobs) [1.8.0]

This Supplement includes new animations for some of the mobs from the familiar world of Minecraft. With the online monsters and other creatures will become more flexible movements than those that were. For example, skeletons and the walking will start waving. You can not hope that in the future we 100% should expect such improvement on the part of the movement of different mobs. Custom animation is one of the newest features first added in 1.8 version of Minecraft. Make your world a little more realistic right now!

Tyrannosaurus Rex (1.8 Only) [1.8.0]

Presents add-on introduces the real Tyrannosaurus Rex, with awesome realistic movements! But the most epic is, of course, the roar. Before the attack t-Rex will pull your neck forward, opened his jaws, growling loudly. This dinosaur is definitely the most dangerous mob in the world of Minecraft, so if You value the life of a character, then be sure to beware of them, no matter how daring You were not. But if you're lucky You have the chance to find small harmless reptiles, which are able to tame, feed them meat. These Pets are great defenders, and when they grow up, You can catch them on horseback and go on their long adventure through the harsh endless world of Minecraft.

SG SkyWars [1.8.0] [PVP]

Here are one of the best cards for air PVP battles, created specifically for the handheld version of Minecraft. It contains a total of 16 different arenas for participation. In the future, the author plans to create 5 large scale buildings. The entire game is automated map, using Redstone mechanisms and command blocks, so all You need to do to start the game, is to recruit a team of participants from 2 to 4 people and just press a button on the lobby menu. You will take a random arena, where every time will be randomly placed chests with completely different resources.

Lions [1.8.0]

Presents addon brings into play the great king of beasts. Since this mob no substitutes, the resource will operate only with the 1.8 version of Minecraft. Lions can be found absolutely in any biome. By default, the adults will attack You, unlike the kids, so you should be extremely careful. But offering them pieces of fresh raw meat, You will be able to tame these wayward animals, and following on Your heels to protect them from all kinds of monsters, they will become a perfect companion in the harsh world of Minecraft. To ensure that Your pet is always in great shape don't forget to feed him meat.

The Orca [1.8.0]

Orc is a fictional aggressive fish-like creature that will replace Dolphin. With this monster You definitely do not want to meet face to face, not prepared, not having good weapons and armor, since the power of his attacks reaches 5 hearts. The Orc threat not only in the sea, on the shore must also be always on the alert, because it may suddenly pop up and get to You. Also this fish is not averse to hunt the peaceful villagers. Presents being quite hardy, it has 200 hearts. The developer recommends to fight orkoy in the company of friends in order to make it easier to fill up. As you drop You will be able to obtain 1-7 diamonds. We wish you only successful battles!

Corals+ Resource Pack [1.8.0]

Presents texture pack changes the usual lifeless corals on the new, with salad, bird's nest, Elkhorn and others. If You miss the colorful underwater decorations, then this resource is a godsend. The developer hoping to expand your package by adding new units, for example, through the functions of the version 1.8. And while you can be happy with what you have, because these efficiently designed, the plants will look very harmoniously with any underwater structures at any depth.

Tigers [1.8.0]

This addon introduces to our familiar world of Minecraft most of these ferocious striped predators. There are only two types: the Malayan tiger and white. They can be found in the forest, oak forests, near riverbanks, and sometimes in the birch forests. White tiger meet is much more complicated than Malay. Adult predators are, naturally, hostile, and should be avoided. Little tiger does not want to fall out of your eyes and run. All of them have fully customized accompanying sounds, and some no animations, over which the developer promises to work to achieve greater realism. Presents online is yet another excellent example of adding creatures and new possibilities with the 1.8 version of Minecraft!

The Tower of the Time [1.8.0] [CTM]

Your mission in this map is to find and get two unique wool block, which will be required to complete the passing game. Find the passage to the top of the tower without unauthorized Prokopov and without the use of any third-party resources. On the way to the coveted blocks You will battle with monsters. Pass all the tests and You will succeed. The map does not have any checkpoints, You will have only one life and one chance to climb and it is very difficult. There are many hidden areas, chests full of useful items that will be useful during gameplay. If you lose, you will have to reinstall the map again. To get the full effect of the game don't break the established rules, do not change your game mode to creative, break buildings, and the like - from cheat lost interest.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.8.0

13 October released a beta version of MCPE that already implemented some features from the upcoming major updates to Minecraft Java Edition 1.14 Village & Pillage, and it was added pandas and kittens, bamboo and special building block.

All that is known for pandas is a friendly mobs that will spawn in the jungle. Well, actually what we all were waiting for this version is a new cat in Minecraft. They are replacing the ocelots have very many kinds of color. Ocelots are now impossible to tame, but you can gain their trust, feed them fish.

Bamboo can be found in the jungle, and in some of the chests.

Building block is a special forest that allow you to climb up like stairs, with the only difference that if you break the bottom block it destroyed the whole structure and blocks dropouts on the ground

This version is very begovina and do not exclude the departures. This is due to the incomplete Russian localization. Fix crashes possible if you temporarily change the language to English

versions Available for download:
minecraft.v. - the official version (no license is required)
minecraft.v. - unlocked all paid skins and textures (does not require license)
minecraft.v. - the version for intel processors (does not require license)

Tigers [1.8.0]

Perhaps in the world, it is difficult to find a person who does not like cats. This mod allows you to tame a cat who can protect You. The chip works in version 1.8 and above. To add there are two types of tiger cubs: white and red. Yes, welcome to the world of tigers! Of course, to approach these mobs should be cautious. But using raw meat, You will be able to make friends with him, and then his need to feed. Mobs are written so that they will walk behind You, guarding the night walks, for example. It differs from the cat, but overall reminiscent of tame wolves Much nicer to walk past the zombies, if yours goes hand tiger.

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