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The Sad Swamp [1.8.0] [Survival]

This map reveals a broad swamp biome with lots of trees and fancy buildings. In all, there are 100 custom structures and more than 800 new variants of biomes. You will not get bored if you choose the map for his new adventure survival favorite Minecraft. Explore the vast world of custom with 33 types of village houses, 138 options of various trees and 61 thought-out dungeon. In the beginning of the game You will be quite far from the marshes, surrounded by incredible trees. These only grow in their own unique biomes, which the author has invented and made himself.

BlackCelestial Survival (Ultra Hardcore) [1.8.0] [Survival]

BlackCelestial Survival is a large - scale map with a very unusual and severe conditions for survival. It's not just the location, consisting of floating Islands. It includes many custom features. For example, extracting each block You will need to obtain new special features. The gameplay itself is very similar to regular survival on floating Islands, but this map uses different commands, and also adjusted the spawn all kinds of mobs. It is recommended to play with 1-2 participants. To start the map will be possible only on version of Minecraft, because the new 1.8 version can be failures.

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SG Climber’s Horror [1.8.0] [PVP]

A good Halloween? It's time to invite friends and to let off steam on this the coolest map. Introducing the TURRET-SPIVACHENKO! Turn your opponent, kick him down and reach the top of this tall building. Don't forget he is not falling down, and in fact, friends are friends. It is worth noting that the map itself looks very nice – in the spirit of the first Halfa, and swims around the vast space of the OS...

The Quarly Mansion – Chapter 2: Myfa Island [1.8.0] [Adventure]

This mini-game is located on a specially prepared custom map. Here You need to find the treasure. Space for a search is quite extensive, so You will not be able to find the desired artifact for a few moments. Everyone take a deep breath and begin your long hard adventure. Carefully explore the manor, nether and other places. The map accommodates up to two participants so You can ask Your friend to help You by customizing a multiplayer mode. Search for treasure in the concealed spaces and other hiding places. Once You find the precious artifact, the game will end.

The Pirate’s Paradise [1.8.0] [CTM]

You want to be a pirate? Surf the endless water spaces, to hide treasures in unusual places? Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the sea along with the map. No, You will not find luxury ship and become a pirate in fact. Here are just a great area with a unique landscape and plenty of water. You will definitely want to take a boat and begin your new adventure, sailing among the high rocky mountains, jungle and other charming places. The map includes 51 different types of buildings and structures, 24 types of rural houses 14 well-designed dungeons, 773 cool shit for new biomes. When You appear in the beginning, you'll see the high rocky mountains. The author called their "island spikes". Here You can find a variety of dungeons, and more.

Skylands [1.8.0] [CTM]

Floating land is a unique map created by the author using the program. The main feature is that here You will not find any water landscape. All oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, replaced by a bottomless abyss. All biomes will remain the same but get to the right piece of land will now be harder than it seems. With such conditions, survival will become even more interesting. However forget about long messy mines, dungeons portal in the region, and even about diamond ore, as everything below the surface of the water simply cut off the face of the familiar world of Minecraft.

Find The Button (Halloween Update) [1.8.0] [Logical]

This mini-game is perfect for both single and multiplayer. Each level can accommodate up to 4 participants. So call your friends and have fun together! The gameplay itself takes about 10-15 minutes, the travel time also depends on the number of searchers. There are several different levels, in the style of Halloween, each of which You must try to find the button. When You find it, just tap and immediately move on to the next stage. All the buttons are very well hidden, so look for them. Will have to show all their attention, carefully checking every corner of the location.

LEMO Attraction Boat [1.8.0]

Presented Supplement replaces the familiar boat on new Minecraft, created on motives of those vessels that were used to transport people to the island and back in the popular movie "Jurassic Park". Though the boat looks huge, as if it can sit a lot of people, but unfortunately, it is not. At the moment each ship accommodates only one person. The control is exactly the same as on a normal boat in Minecraft. This is a great addon if You are tired of the old trough, and You are in search of something new and different, and most importantly functional. Install the add-on together with a map "Jurassic Park" or "Jurassic Minecraft" and You will plunge into the atmosphere of the film with a prehistoric theme.

Hard SkyBlock Survival [1.8.0] [Survival]

And again You offer to take the map in survival mode with a very inhuman conditions for development. You will appear on a huge piece of dirt the size of 10х10х10 with minimal resources. In fact, it's great that there is even a Pets, although the risk of losing them at the very beginning of the game, because they can simply fall down or die in any other way. In General You need to be extremely careful. Start looking for all sorts of things that will help You in development. Build farms for fast extraction of stone and other resources. It will help all of Your knowledge about Minecraft.

The Wandering Woods [1.8.0] [CTM]

Wandering the woods is hand-created terrain, which in total is as much as two billion unit. Here is an unusual trees, rocks, buildings, dungeons, and more. It was realized in the pocket version of Minecraft using the program "Open Terrain Generator" and the one where the author actually built. There are a lot of places to explore. Dungeons of all shapes and sizes keep the immortal wealth, but sometimes you can stumble on the trash. Also represented 94 view of the village houses, which are randomly located in this vast space. And here You'll find 38 a variety of custom buildings, 87 different species of trees (well it's a Botanical garden!), 13 well-designed dungeons, the tower, built on an interesting scheme a few extravagant mansions and 3049 (!) cool shit for new biomes! 

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