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Dolphins v.5.2 [1.2.5]

Who is not aware, Dolphin is a new mob, which promise to add in the next update Aquatic Update, which will be released in the spring of 2018. Remember that this Supplement is simply a concept based on very few details! "The official Dolphin", that is the one that will be attached to Aquatic Update is likely to have many other functions than those which are shown in this addon. For example, it helps players to find treasures under water. They are naturally friendly to the players. You can tame dolphins by feeding them raw fish or raw salmon. Tamed dolphins will follow you as long as you're in the water. 

Slime Bloxs v.2.0 [1.2.5] [Parkour]

Slime Blocks is a parkour map with 10 different levels and they all include slaym blocks. Carefully plan your jumps to make sure you don't miss any of the jumps. It's definitely a hard map, but fortunately, you can just climb the stairs to repeat the level in case of failure.

DeathCore I: Wonderground [1.2.5] [CTM]

This is the first map from the DeathCore CTM (Complete the monument). The main goal is to survive and find the blocks to complete the monument. This happens in the underground realm, where there are lots of monsters and other troubles that complicate your survival (you can play with friends in multiplayer). Map recommended for 1-4 players.

UIPack Resource Pack v.1.2 [1.2.5]

UIPack implements clean, modern and simplified view of the user interface of Minecraft. Added more icons that provide an easier way to navigate the game menu. A large part of the interface associated with the Windows home screen and settings have been changed. This is a preliminary alpha version, so this means that there can be some drawbacks. But overall, this is a fully functional and nice UI update of the game.

SG TNT Tag [1.2.5] [Map]

This is a mini-game based on the popular game called TAG. However, there is a slight difference, and this mode TNT. You run around inside the arena. If you Tegger, are you trying to tag other players to become a runner and so on. Team SkyGames loves TNT, so you can expect more mini-games TNT in the future! The game ends after 45 seconds, and the loser will be the one who would be Tegger at the last moment

The Haunted Tunnel [1.2.5] [Map]

The Haunted Tunnel is a horror map where you are trapped in the mine and must find the exit. It's really well made map, which includes horror, adventure and mystery - all on one map. A little background. You went to the mine shaft to collect some resources. On the way back, the tunnel collapsed and you flunked. People always say that the tunnel is haunted by the spirits of miners who perished there in the accident, which occurred in 1978. Your goal is to find a way out of the tunnel

Mob Disguiser v.1.1 [1.2.5]

This is an addon that allows you to disguise as any mob in Minecraft. Its main use is for mini-games with friends. It is not meant for playing in survival mode because it removes some features from Minecraft vanilla. How does it work? You will mask yourself in a mob by right-clicking the mouse on the mob. While you are cloaked, you will be able to control any direction of where to go, and you are also immune to damage and you can't see hostile mobs. If you want to disguise yourself as a hostile mob, you can sneak to become invisible to your AI.

Vanilla Vehicles [1.2.5]

This addon adds five units of modern transportation: from cars to planes. Auto design remains faithful to the original Minecraft chart, so this makes them a great addition to the game. How does it work? Horses were replaced by four new cars. Driving works the same way as riding horses. Equip the car with a key, so that it can be controlled. iOS/Android: click on a car and hit "Drive/Fly". Windows 10: right-click the mouse on a vehicle to drive.

Minecar: This car is the fastest ground vehicle. You can customize its look with stickers. Use boilers to color stickers.

Minemarine: This car is designed for underwater driving. It can very long stay under water and actually is the perfect vehicle for your travels in the ocean. Driving works like a car.

Mineplane: It's not the fastest or the most technically advanced aircraft and it can fly.

Miniminecar: This is a miniature version of a Minecar. It is much smaller and slower, but it has one advantage - he can jump!

Minebus: this car can accommodate up to five players. Travel with your friends and let everybody ride together in one vehicle. 

Flying Zombies [1.2.5] [Parkour]

This is a really fun and unique mini-game where you will be offered different levels of parkour, while you are chased by a giant flying zombie. Zombie destroys everything in its path, so this means that you need to complete parkour challenge before it will catch and destroy your way. After starting mini-game, you are teleported to a new place where you will see a random level of parkour. It is important to start moving as soon as you've been spawned.

Alien Creeper [1.2.5]

This addon turns an ordinary creeper in the stranger, which is a purple, four-legged creature with two antennae on his head, and called the Alien Creeper. According to rumors, Alien Creeper came from another planet called the Crypt, but no one knows. Despite the fact that he's scarier and more powerful than a creeper, it really is absolutely not hostile to players.

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