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DeathCore I: Wonderground [1.2.5] [CTM]

DeathCore I: Wonderground

This is the first map from the DeathCore CTM (Complete the monument). The main goal is to survive and find the blocks to complete the monument. This happens in the underground realm, where there are lots of monsters and other troubles that complicate your survival (you can play with friends in multiplayer). Map recommended for 1-4 players.

Download deathcore-wonderground.mcworld [295,26 Kb] downloaded: 74 times
Download last version of DeathCore I: Wonderground from the official website

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Elmerlusa Mini [1.2.5] [CTM]

This map was created in honor of the birthday Almerah. This is a normal CTM map built in custom location with good scenery. You have to find items to create several different blocks, which are necessary for the completion of the monument. The adventure takes place in a huge valley with unusual celestial landscapes.How to play? The main goal is to find the items needed for making an emerald block, diamond block and cake, and then place them in the monument to complete it. But it is not as easy as it seems. Items protected by traps, strong mobs and other troubles. You can choose to play alone or with friends (up to 3 players).

Underwater fortress around spawn

That's really a great led for those seeking underwater fortress near the spawn point. Here You'll be 10 seconds walk from the coveted temple. To better see the location of the fortress, I advise you to drink a potion of night vision, then You will not miss the sight of this gorgeous, but dangerous place.

A village on the island and an underwater fortress

In this side near the spawn point You will find the village on the island. Also very close is the underwater fortress. In it You will meet the guards and, perhaps, a senior Keeper, who is playing the boss. Following the directions on the screen, you can visit the clay biome. Start your new adventure together with the led.

Double Underwater fortress

This led is really unique, as there is double underwater fortress (or rather the two fortresses next to each other) and it is located very close to the spawn point. One building looks quite strange, because part of it was destroyed. This is probably due to the generation of the second fortress nearby. For use submitted to SIDA, You need Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.15.9 or greater.

Survival on the Island and an Underwater fortress

This is a great led for those who want immediately to find the ocean underwater fortress that was added in 0.16.0 version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. You appear on the island, a distance of about 50-100 blocks from atragon. It is incredibly easy to find, and in the video below describes in detail the location.

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