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SG Carnival [1.2.5] [Map]

SG Carnival - a small but very fun map. The action takes place on a small carnival with a few mini-games and quests in which you have to participate. This map will eventually be used as the lobby for the fans SkyGames. The area will include mini-games such as BlockParty, Slime Attack PVP, Hunger Games, SkyWars and Mystery.

SG TNT Tag [1.2.5] [Map]

This is a mini-game based on the popular game called TAG. However, there is a slight difference, and this mode TNT. You run around inside the arena. If you Tegger, are you trying to tag other players to become a runner and so on. Team SkyGames loves TNT, so you can expect more mini-games TNT in the future! The game ends after 45 seconds, and the loser will be the one who would be Tegger at the last moment

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