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Vanilla Vehicles [1.2.5]

This addon adds five units of modern transportation: from cars to planes. Auto design remains faithful to the original Minecraft chart, so this makes them a great addition to the game. How does it work? Horses were replaced by four new cars. Driving works the same way as riding horses. Equip the car with a key, so that it can be controlled. iOS/Android: click on a car and hit "Drive/Fly". Windows 10: right-click the mouse on a vehicle to drive.

Minecar: This car is the fastest ground vehicle. You can customize its look with stickers. Use boilers to color stickers.

Minemarine: This car is designed for underwater driving. It can very long stay under water and actually is the perfect vehicle for your travels in the ocean. Driving works like a car.

Mineplane: It's not the fastest or the most technically advanced aircraft and it can fly.

Miniminecar: This is a miniature version of a Minecar. It is much smaller and slower, but it has one advantage - he can jump!

Minebus: this car can accommodate up to five players. Travel with your friends and let everybody ride together in one vehicle. 

RC Car Addon [1.2.0]

Yippee! Now the sellers in the villages can sell You RC car! This beauty runs on batteries (gold nuggets) and replaces the two mobs – skeleton-ischitella and zimogor. There are two different types of cars: red and blue. So you can play together with a friend in multiplayer. Each machine responds only to your remote. Charge – and drove!

Realistic MCPE Mechanics [1.1.0] [Redstone]

This map presents six mechanisms, which will add to the realism of your favorite games. For example, the tree starts to fall immediately after cutting one block to the root, after walking on the grass, there will be traces Lily can't take much more of the player. All these ideas are easy to realize in their own worlds. Because the mechanisms operate with the command blocks, it is important not to forget that you cannot deviate too far from design, otherwise no effect You get.

Entity_303 Boss Battle [1.1.0] [Mini game]

In the map You are waiting for epic battles against the boss Entity_303. This mob exists only because of command blocks. In the game the boss the player will have unique abilities that do not depend on any add-ons or mods. This map was created over three months, and the end result, of course, was very cool.

Fireworks [1.0.4]

Fireworks replaces some items of the usual Minecraft on a smart salute. It is, indeed, a wonderful addition that will be useful during any holiday, such as New year or birthday. Fireworks include amazing accompanying sounds and beautiful visuals, mesmerizing eyes.

Elytra Booster [1.0.0]

Elytra Booster replaces a snowball for an explosive booster. You can throw the item on the ground to cause a small explosion, which takes You higher into the sky. Just make sure that you keep in inventory, a few stacks of these shells, in fact, throwing them very quickly, You will fly as high up as possible.

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