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Custom Crafting Recipes [1.0.5] [Redstone]

Custom Crafting Recipes

On this map using command blocks in the game introduced nine unique recipes, which never existed in their world of Minecraft. For crafting You will need more than the workbench, and ejector. To use the new recipes without any errors, You should not depart from a certain area, so for all my health respond to the command blocks.

Download custom-crafting-recipes.mcworld [42,06 Kb] downloaded: 162 times
Download last version of Custom Crafting Recipes from the official website

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Presented Supplement replaces the familiar boat on new Minecraft, created on motives of those vessels that were used to transport people to the island and back in the popular movie "Jurassic Park". Though the boat looks huge, as if it can sit a lot of people, but unfortunately, it is not. At the moment each ship accommodates only one person. The control is exactly the same as on a normal boat in Minecraft. This is a great addon if You are tired of the old trough, and You are in search of something new and different, and most importantly functional. Install the add-on together with a map "Jurassic Park" or "Jurassic Minecraft" and You will plunge into the atmosphere of the film with a prehistoric theme.

Function File For Command [1.8.0]

Already with the beta version of Minecraft 1.8 is the ability to create something new. Not spared by different teams. Let's see what offers us this resource. After applying the addon, You can use the following commands: /function invulnerable - makes You invulnerable /function tools - gives one set of diamond tools /kit function - creates a chest with useful items inside /function over_powered - impose a variety of effects, including strengthening the capacity /function of the strike  on a selected portion causes lightning to fight incessantly. /function clear - clears the player's inventory and all its imposed effects, and removes the eternal storm. If You forget any command, use /function help or /help2 function and displays a list of all available. Presented Supplement is great for survival mode. And You can create your own commands "/function". Just open the package behavior in the folder and you will see many files. Click on one of them and displayed the text. There You will be able to write the command you want using the template. You'll be able to add new files, just make sure that the extension is ".mcfunction" with any name. The file name must match the team, for example, if You specify in the file test, this name will be used /function (Command),  and will look like /function test.

Premade Realm [1.7.0] [Survival]

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Craftable Items [1.6.0] [Redstone]

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