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Animonsters [1.0.4]


This addon turns some peaceful creatures into evil killers. If for any reason You feel that familiar gameplay too easy presented addition will significantly increase the complexity. Mobs, such as cows, pigs and even chickens will become not only dangerous, but will gain incredible strength and endurance. Now You will think before you breed cute Pets around the house. 

Download animonsters-beta.mcpack [366,41 Kb] downloaded: 142 times
Download last version of Animonsters from the official website

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This addon makes some hostile mobs almost invulnerable, they are incredibly hard to kill. Monsters gain strength for incredibly powerful attacks. For example, most creatures will inflict twice the damage. Now survival mode will be much more difficult. Here can handle only the bravest player in Minecraft, who likes thrills. Show your fighting skills and savvy with the Supplement.

Autocompletion [1.0.5]

This addon introduces four new buttons to the user interface of the chat in your favorite game Minecraft Pocket Edition. The addition will simplify the process of entering commands and the usual suggestions. You can select previously written text and enter it to the new one for a couple of seconds. Such functions exist in the PC version of Minecraft, but for some reason was not implemented in pocket.

My Wolf [1.0.4]

Using this addon You upgrade Your wolf. He will gain new abilities and incredible endurance and strength to withstand the dangers. In General, the wolf will become more useful and indispensable in their world of Minecraft. At the moment addition enters the pet is not so much new features, but the developer will try in a future addition to include things like the drive and additional equipment.

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