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Fireworks Fireball [1.0.0]

Presents addon replaces the familiar balls of fire on a wonderful fireworks. You can create an auto-launcher, which will easily run this magnificent salute. Feel the holiday atmosphere and real excitement. Fireworks, of course, it didn't look real, but it looks very cool, especially at night.

The Farlanders [1.0.0]

This addon replaces a few of the usual mobs of Minecraft on creatures, representatives of Farlander. Long ago their land, known as the Far Lands disappeared, and the aliens had to find a new place to live. In the end they made up our world, and here You will be able for the first time to meet with them. Presented Supplement is based on the popular fashion "The Farlanders". At the moment it introduced the new, unique mobs, but the developer will try to develop the idea and in the near future to make the resource a lot.

Mega Dropper 4 [1.0.0] [Dropper]

Mega Dropper part 4! This is one of the large maps with epic drops, which were ever created for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Here You will find a total of 21 incredible level. The goal is very simple - it is necessary to jump from the ledge and, having overcome all obstacles, find yourself at the bottom unharmed. It is quite difficult, typically requires many attempts before you succeed. Show all your attention and swift reaction.

Kaizo World PE [1.0.0] [Parkour]

Kaizo World PE is a funny map that includes a large number of jumps with obstacles, namely parkour, also there are puzzles and treacherous traps. This creature is created based Kaizo Mario World, which is a modification of the video game Super Mario World version of 1990. The idea of this add-on was founded in order to complicate the passing game. This map has a large number of various obstacles, challenges and maybe the rage will prevail, and You will want to quit. If You consider yourself a professional in parkour, be sure to try out the map.

Mega Dropper Easter [1.0.0] [Dropper]

Mega Dropper Easter - 7th part of the series of maps on epic drops with obstacles. This time You will encounter 8 different levels that will lead to the Easter Bunny. It is kept in captivity, and You have to save him. The tunnels are fascinating and the rapid fall down the concentration. The passage should not be so complicated as in the previous parts, so maybe this map is perfect for beginners drapera in Minecraft.

Who’s Your Daddy? [1.0.0] [Mini game]

Who's Your Daddy? - map based on the popular PC game, played a few popular youtubers for example PewDiePie. It will require at least two players. Someone should behave like a child, incurring all sorts of trouble, and the other party will have to take on the role of a father and protect your child without letting him die. It's a pretty fun mini-game where you can have fun with friends in multiplayer mode.

Alien Invasion [1.0.0] [Adventure]

The city was captured by the aliens and their intentions are clearly not good. You and Your friends, if you decide to play multiplayer, have to save the civilians and to free the city from this green evil. The goal is simple - kill the aliens and shoot down their spaceships. This map works with version 0.16.0 Minecraft Pocket Edition. It was created by developers Mojang, to showcase addition to one of his presentations at the meeting Minecon.

Pixel Reality [16x16] [1.0.0]

Pixel Reality texture pack, which will give realism to the usual world of Minecraft. Despite the fact that the resolution of a resource is only 16x16, the color scheme and design together look very cool. The package includes many wonderful details, so it is a really great texture pack that is worth trying out. The resource invested in two additional files, they can be used as add-on on top of the basic package.

Castle Siege [1.0.0] [Mini game]

This card will draw You into the battle between the peasants and monsters. Hostile mobs are trying hard to displace residents and take the castle. Try to avoid this and significantly reduce the onslaught of enemies. The passing game will take about 5 minutes. You won't be alone, even if you start to play in single player mode, as Your team will consist of a large number of innocent people, as well as the iron and snow Golems. Take up arms and defeat the army of evil. Become a hero of the infinite Minecraft world.

Paradiscal’s Elytra Wings Pack 3 [16x16] [1.0.0]

This update offers 9 new unique textures for elitra. Here, as usual, presented a wide variety of colors and styles. In order to choose the wings, You just need to switch between resourcepackage in the game. The developer considers that it's quite comfortable. Rather download and install the texture and make the wings more colorful!

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