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Faithful PE [64x64] [1.8.0]

You like the default textures in Minecraft but don't like the double resolution? If so, then PE Faithful texture pack is the perfect solution. It retains the original look of Minecraft, but makes the resolution of two and three times better (32×32 and 64×64, instead of the usual 16×16 pixels), thus the graphics look much better. This texture pack has long existed in the PC version of Minecraft, and today You will be able to download it for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

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X-Ray Vision [16x16] [1.0.0]

This all will allow you to see through walls all the mobs, players and chests and other objects. This is a very lightweight package, without using any shaders and custom textures. The developer understands that some of You may be upset with the release of this package, therefore, provides information on how to disable X-ray on servers. To do this, create a resource bundle that contains the vanilla entity.material and terrain.material files. Do this for the players that use resource bundles, and inbound to the server.

Colored Blocks [16x16] [1.0.0]

You would be surprised, if in Minecraft will be able to paint the blocks? Presented unfortunately, unfortunately, cannot fulfill Your desire, but it introduces a wide range of non-ferrous materials. Texture works on 6 different types of blocks such as wooden planks, pillars, glass and others. Use this resurspak, if You want to add a lot more flowers to Your next creation!

GreenDays [16x16] [1.0.0]

GreenDays - very cool texture pack that changes the design of some items and blocks, as well as the colors used for graphical user interface. If You like green color, then be sure to try out submitted all. This is a very interesting set with lots of bright colors.

Chroma Hills [128x128] [1.0.0]

Chroma Hills is a detailed texture pack that looks great on most types of cards. It is especially great for medieval type, such as castles, palaces, villages and so on. All adds a great combination of realism, cartoon and RPG in the Minecraft world. The only drawback is the long download on iOS and Android platforms. But the texture pack is so cool, definitely worth the wait!

Frenden’s Meringued Cartoon Pack [16x16] [1.0.0]

Frenden''s Meringued Cartoon Pack is a texture pack designed in bright colours, which give a cartoony look to our beloved game. It is designed in the same style, so it looks nice. Such textures exist in normal Minecraft and was converted to the pocket version. You will not regret if you download and install them. Have presented resurspaka texture resolution by default, so should not too much weigh and load the game.

Christmas Decorations [16x16] [1.0.0]

This texture pack will make You fully experience the Christmas spirit in their world of Minecraft. Here are the six blocks that can be used as decorations, and two of the mob, wearing a Santa hat on his head. This is quite a simple texture pack, but at the same time very useful because it makes the game more winter and holiday.

ModernHD PE [64x64] [1.0.0]

ModernHD is one of the most popular texture packs for normal Minecraft. Now they have developed for the pocket version. If You want to add to the game realism, the all will perform what you want. Submitted textures are very detailed and nicely drawn, and have bright colors.

Ovo’s Rustic: Redemption [64x64] [1.0.0]

Ovo's Rustic: Redemption is a texture pack that combines realism and Minecraft. Textures look high quality and flawlessly, but they still have all the usual, block the view. Colors used for design look softer and darker than the standard textures. So Ovo's Rustic: Redemption is very suitable for the medieval type. Grass, leaves and plants have bright colors, which definitely makes the texture more pleasant to the eye.

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