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Paradiscal’s Elytra Wings Pack 2 [16x16] [1.0.0]

This update texture pack, which includes 10 new stunning elytra. Here, as usual, presented a wide variety of colors and styles. In order to choose the wings, You just need to switch between resourcepackage in the game. The developer considers that it's quite comfortable. Rather download and install the texture and make your litru more colorful!

Clean Glass Redstone [32x32] [1.0.0]

This is a simple resurspak, which will improve individual textures. Glass blocks and panels will look much cleaner than in the conventional design. Now you can easily see everything that's going on outside. Also, some aspects related to the Redstone, was redrawn to look better.

Animated Pack [64x64] [1.0.0]

You want to make your world a brighter and livelier? Then this texture pack is the perfect solution. More than 70 different units will receive beautiful high quality animations. Grass and other plants with this texture will become more realistic. And whatnot you can see, so it would download and install all presents and enjoy.

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DefScape [64x64] [1.0.6]

DefScape is an elegant and very high quality texture pack. He looks great especially in the medieval or modern types of cards. Each block texture is worked out in detail due to high resolution, namely 64×64 pixels. Panache pleasing to the eye and not tiring. Sky, clouds, water, etc. were altered.

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YouTuber Blocks [16x16] [1.0.0]

Personalize your world by adding the faces of your favorite bloggers from all favorite video hosting "YouTube". Keep in mind that this package is limited to just the 14th different youtubers because of the limited number of blocks. Even if Your pet is not found among them, the developer is sure that You will learn most here presented of these YouTube stars.

Flow’s HD [64x64] [1.0.0]

The HD abundance is an elegant and modern texture pack. Each texture is so precise that gives the world of Minecraft is very bright and joyful colors. Create a luxury interior home or garden with this resource pack. Download, install texture and enjoy the splendor.

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Food Mob Heads [16x16] [1.0.0]

This resource pack turns the heads of the mobs into blocks, similar to food. This Supplement is great for those who want to use food in its interior, as well as to build a real diner, put up for sale buns, potatoes and other fast food. Do you think it strange? Maybe, but the developers are confident that You will be able to find the best application submitted to the addon.

13 Custom Elytra Wings [32x32] [0.17]

The elytra are one of the new innovations in version 1.0 (or 0.17.0) for Minecraft Pocket Edition. At the time of writing this post, this version is only available as a beta version for Android users , but will soon be available for IOS and Windows 10. In the archive you will find 13 different textures of the elytra.

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