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HDExplosionEffect [16x16] [1.1.0]

This texture pack makes the smoke from any explosion in Minecraft much more realistic. The particles will gain a higher resolution. Now the explosion effect will be the same as on the PC version of Minecraft. This is a small detail, but it greatly improves the game graphics.

Mine Wars [16x16] [1.1.0]

Mine Wars - give Your familiar world of Minecraft the most authentic atmosphere of the popular movie "Star wars". Immediately after installing the textures and run the game You will feel yourself transferred into the past. Also, instead of conventional weapons will appear lightsabers. Even mobs will become unusual appearance and become like the evil stormtroopers and creepy Jawas.

LB Photo Realism PE [64x64] [1.1.0]

PE LB Photo Realism is one of the most realistic resurfaces for the PC version of Minecraft. Now it has been ported and You have the option to install it on your handheld device, but only with 16×16 resolution. Of course, here are not entirely realistic textures, but they certainly do a usual Minecraft world a little better, especially the water and grass. There are some things that have not yet been ported to the pocket version. The developer promises to fix this in a future update.

Dragon Dance [64x64] [1.1.0]

Dragon Dance cartoon texture pack, which uses an amazing color palette. Beautifully designed panache combined with clear and bright colors creates a unique living atmosphere. Presented resurspak was originally developed for the PC version of Minecraft, and now You have the opportunity to use it on handheld devices. If You are tired of boring textures and you want something eye pleasing, then be sure to download and install presents creation. You will not regret it.

Starky’s 3D [128x128] [1.1.0]

This all adds to the textures of some blocks of the illusion of the 3D effect. In short, panache will look like on objects, indeed, have dents or cracks and not just a flat surface. If You are looking for textures to make the familiar world of Minecraft a little more realistic, it represented all especially for You. However, he is still not quite finished, but the developer will try to bring the idea to perfection.

SimplySharp [64x64] [1.1.0]

SimplySharp is funny, cartoonish and fairly simple textures. This resurspak significantly improves the usual panache in the world of Minecraft. Textures created for those looking for something unique and fun. All will look good on different types of buildings and different terrain, such as in the medieval or modern worlds.

Conquest [32x32] [1.1.0]

Conquest is the texture pack, designed in medieval style. It is suitable for those who like to build castles, fortresses and other similar structures. This unfortunately is quite old, first it was created for the PC version of Minecraft. Within a few years, the texture was improved and now we have the opportunity to use them on their handheld devices. Want to experience the atmosphere of ancient times? Then download and install all the presents and you will not regret.

Beyond the Lands [16x16] [1.1.0]

Beyond the Lands is a medieval and fantastic texture. They look very realistic, as there are perfectly matched colors. If You love the original style of Minecraft, but want to make a little change, it represented all especially for You. It is, indeed, some of the best textures available for Minecraft Pocket Edition now.

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SimpleJCraft [16x16] [1.0.6]

This all combines simplified textures with a cartoon art style that gives quite a fresh look. If You're a long-time regular textures Minecraft, then most likely, you will feel an exorbitant difference, which is not immediately used. In short, all is brighter and clearer version of the textures by default.

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