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Faithful PE [64x64] [1.8.0]

Faithful PE

You like the default textures in Minecraft but don't like the double resolution? If so, then PE Faithful texture pack is the perfect solution. It retains the original look of Minecraft, but makes the resolution of two and three times better (32×32 and 64×64, instead of the usual 16×16 pixels), thus the graphics look much better. This texture pack has long existed in the PC version of Minecraft, and today You will be able to download it for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Download faithful32rev6.mcpack [7,75 Mb] downloaded: 3515 times
Download faithful32rev6-windows10.mcpack [3,93 Mb] downloaded: 593 times
Download faithful64rev5hotfix.mcpack [13,91 Mb] downloaded: 4894 times
Download faithful-32-11.mcpack [4,46 Mb] downloaded: 1014 times
Download faithful32rev3.mcpack [7,13 Mb] downloaded: 311 times
Download faithful64rev18.mcpack [15,89 Mb] downloaded: 3386 times
Download last version of Faithful PE from the official website

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