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SimpleJCraft [16x16] [1.0.6]


This all combines simplified textures with a cartoon art style that gives quite a fresh look. If You're a long-time regular textures Minecraft, then most likely, you will feel an exorbitant difference, which is not immediately used. In short, all is brighter and clearer version of the textures by default.

Download sjcpe-0.1.mcpack [513,29 Kb] downloaded: 277 times
Download last version of SimpleJCraft from the official website

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Simple Pack[16x16] [1.8.0]

Simple Pack is a simple but at the same time bright and pleasing to the eye texture pack. If You missed the simple vision of the world of Minecraft, this all will be helpful. Here You can observe smooth transitions of color, contrast texture by default. Some of the blocks and objects will also be animated, as before, for example, the burning furnace in the furnace, the lights of the lighthouse and the glass blocks. If You are looking for quality, well-researched, but at the same time, simplified texture, this unfortunately is exactly what You need.

DS Advance PE Texture Pack[16x16] [1.1.0]

Submitted all created to improve a little bored with all the textures of some familiar things. Doors, blocks, plants – everything that used to be boring and gray, completely redesigned and became a better match with the surrounding world of Minecraft. The Creator of the resource has approached the matter with skill and imagination. This package is very good for those who do not want to part with textures by default, but wishes to make some changes.

Autumn [1.1.0]

Presented all the ordinary gives the world of Minecraft the autumn atmosphere. Birch leaves acquire a rich red tone, grass and all greens are painted in dark colors with hints of orange. Unfortunately, in fact, is the so-called color map, so it can be combined with various other textures, any resolution (for example, 16x, 32x, and others). This is a very cool addition for those who want to make the familiar world of your favorite game much more comfortable and warm.

Starky’s 3D[128x128] [1.1.0]

This all adds to the textures of some blocks of the illusion of the 3D effect. In short, panache will look like on objects, indeed, have dents or cracks and not just a flat surface. If You are looking for textures to make the familiar world of Minecraft a little more realistic, it represented all especially for You. However, he is still not quite finished, but the developer will try to bring the idea to perfection.

Dandelion[16x16] [1.0.0]

Dandelion - a cute texture pack with soft colors that look very natural. If You are looking for something simplified, combined with its unique style, this all will suit You perfectly. Here changed not only the texture of blocks and items. The developer also worked on the design of graphical interface and menus.

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