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SimplySharp [64x64] [1.1.0]


SimplySharp is funny, cartoonish and fairly simple textures. This resurspak significantly improves the usual panache in the world of Minecraft. Textures created for those looking for something unique and fun. All will look good on different types of buildings and different terrain, such as in the medieval or modern worlds.

Download simplysharp-x64.mcpack [5,16 Mb] downloaded: 52 times
Download last version of SimplySharp from the official website

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vonDoomCraft[64x64] [1.1.0]

All presents will completely change the surrounding environment of the familiar world of Minecraft. Perhaps You believe that the style of the popular movie "Dum" means only the dark tones and eerie atmosphere. Instead, the developer presents You with something interesting and fun. It should be noted that textures on some objects do not exist, for example, at several doors. This error occurred when bortirovki resurspaka PC version of Minecraft pocket. But despite this, the textures are simply stunning, install and You will see for yourself.

SimpleJCraft[16x16] [1.0.6]

This all combines simplified textures with a cartoon art style that gives quite a fresh look. If You're a long-time regular textures Minecraft, then most likely, you will feel an exorbitant difference, which is not immediately used. In short, all is brighter and clearer version of the textures by default.

Alvoria’s Sanity[16x16] [1.0.0]

This resurspak will appeal to those who are looking for original textures, but does not like the mixture of styles in one package. The developer has done a great job to the color scheme of the blocks, items, and other things are exactly suited to each other. Thus, all designed in one style and are absolutely unique creation. Presented if you are perfect for medieval constructions and give a special atmosphere playing your favorite game.

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DefScape[64x64] [1.0.6]

DefScape is an elegant and very high quality texture pack. He looks great especially in the medieval or modern types of cards. Each block texture is worked out in detail due to high resolution, namely 64×64 pixels. Panache pleasing to the eye and not tiring. Sky, clouds, water, etc. were altered.

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