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UFO [1.1.0]

Finally confirmed the existence of extraterrestrial life! UFOs are real and they can be found in the familiar world of Minecraft. You don't have to search long. It is a pity that it all depends on whether the addon is enabled on Your device. Supplement enters the alien, known only as unidentified flying objects or UFOs. You will be able to float freely on the transport, feeling like a guest of planet Earth.

Transformers [1.1.1]

This addon introduces two alien robot who is known to many thanks to the film "transformers". Robots have the ability to transform into different vehicles. They bring chaos and destruction to the ordinary world or in other dimensions of the usual Minecraft. If You are a fan of the transformers movies, or just love smart cars, then presented Supplement especially for You.

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Dragon Block Frieza [1.0.5]

Frieze is a representative of one of the most mysterious of the races, referred to in the famous manga series "Dragon Ball". Nameless was incredibly powerful and ruthless, they could only bring evil and destruction. Perhaps that is why they are called Cold demons. Presents addon introduces some creatures from the manga in the familiar world of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

The Farlanders [1.0.0]

This addon replaces a few of the usual mobs of Minecraft on creatures, representatives of Farlander. Long ago their land, known as the Far Lands disappeared, and the aliens had to find a new place to live. In the end they made up our world, and here You will be able for the first time to meet with them. Presented Supplement is based on the popular fashion "The Farlanders". At the moment it introduced the new, unique mobs, but the developer will try to develop the idea and in the near future to make the resource a lot.

Alien Invasion [1.0.0] [Adventure]

The city was captured by the aliens and their intentions are clearly not good. You and Your friends, if you decide to play multiplayer, have to save the civilians and to free the city from this green evil. The goal is simple - kill the aliens and shoot down their spaceships. This map works with version 0.16.0 Minecraft Pocket Edition. It was created by developers Mojang, to showcase addition to one of his presentations at the meeting Minecon.

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