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› The intersection of five rivers

The intersection of five rivers

The intersection of five rivers

Are the LEDs really includes a very unique phenomenon. Here You will find yourself at a crossroads as many as five rivers! First, You will find a loop formed by a flow of water in the middle of which is a set of Islands. On one of them and you'll spawn point. If you move clockwise, you will find a second river flowing in a South-westerly direction, and the third is mainly aimed at the West, and the fourth to the mid-West and North-West, and the fifth leads to the North-East, then turns sharply West and empties into a large double lake, which has access to the ocean. Not far from crossing rivers, you can see some of the ravines. The map is suitable both for survival mode and creative, after all, beautiful buildings along with the particular landscape will blend perfectly.

SEED:695799767 WORLD TYPE:Infinite 

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The intersection of 4 rivers

This led takes you to the intersection of the four rivers in the biome of the jungle. One of the rivers leads to the ocean. The other two lead to the savanna-biome and the temple of the desert. The fourth river will take you directly to the temple of the jungle. It's a really cool led, which has many interesting places to explore. For example, inside the temple of the jungle you will be able to find such treasures like emeralds, iron ingots, and gold. Due to the river, you can not so easy to get lost and soon find the way back. 

Island Savannah

In this side You find yourself on a small island located in the ocean. But the main attraction is a little further. Look around and You will be able to find one large island. It only includes the savanna biome, which is quite rare in the vast ocean. This is a great led for the rigors of survival.

The village has a blacksmith and a Temple in the desert

It's a great led for those who are going to start the game in survival mode. Here You will find the village where a blacksmith lives. Also near the settlement is located a deserted Temple. Thanks to the collected resources can be a good idea to develop. In just a few minutes You will put on, shoes, make weapons and cook food. Then, you can go on a big adventure and explore the endless world of Minecraft.

The village is in the swamp

Using this led, You will be in the village on the swamp. There are farms and a blacksmith. Map the survival, as supplies have large stocks of food. We can say that there are quite rare, as normally the village could not be found in the swamp biome, but local settlement actually formed on the edge of the plain.

Village in the ocean

This is really cool village set on the water. The spawn point is on one of the footpaths of the village, so You will not need stomp to find it. Near the village stick out a couple of small sandy Islands. If you look into the distance, you will not see any of the mainland. This is truly a unique led with great potential for survival. Here You will not be bored as You are surrounded by a crowd of villagers.

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