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Outlined GUI [1.1.0]

This unfortunately makes the user graphical interface is pretty transparent. The buttons panel and the slots menu rounded lines for a comfortable use. It's a very clever package for those looking for simplified and not very eye-catching graphical user interface. The scale of hunger and health will remain the same.

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The Element Animation Villager Sounds [1.0.5]

Probably, this is the funny sound pack. It was originally created to shoot a funny video and was only supported on PC versions of Minecraft, we now have the opportunity to try out this resource on their handheld devices. The package is a familiar game environment starts to talk and shout, like Bigfoot. It looks a little ridiculous, but very fun. 

Minecraft Font Pack [1.0.5]

Minecraft Font Pack gets a thick font used in Minecraft for Cyrillic and other languages that include special characters. Now You will not find any difference in the email. The resource is very simple but can be useful for those who want to clearly see any phrases in the chat.

Plain Wool Colors [16x16] [1.1.0]

Here are simple unfortunately, replacing the usual texture of wool and carpet in smoother. This development can be useful for those who like to use colored blocks to their houses. So all Your creations will look much more realistic.

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NoteRealistic [1.0.5]

NoteRealistic introduces in the familiar world of Minecraft a much more realistic accompanying sounds. The package is still being finalized. At the moment the change was natural sounds such as rain, splashing water and other. Growling and howling mobs remains the same. In a future update the developer will try to make a lot of new things and please You elegant sound of our favorite games.

Nostalgia-Craft Alpha PE [16x16] [1.8.0]

This resurspak developed in order to recreate the design that existed in the alpha version of Minecraft. The texture will be much brighter and the sounds will be replaced with the old one. Perhaps some of You would like to try to play on the old version of Minecraft and see what our beloved game has been from the beginning. With the presented package You will be able to go on a nostalgic trip back in 2010.

Edited by: InnaMononoke - 17-12-2018, 22:28

Old Sound Resource Pack [1.0.4]

This resource pack contains outdated sounds of the alpha and Beta versions of Minecraft that you can install the updated Minecraft Pocket Edition. The developer understands that the current sounds are fine quality, not comparable with the former, and perhaps this all are not useful. But think, with the old accompanying sounds and melodies You can plunge into atmosphere of old times and go on a nostalgic trip. Interested? Rather then download and try out the presented resource.

Realistic Sounds [1.0.4]

Realistic Sounds is one of the new features in Minecraft Pocket Edition, which is available only as a beta version for Android users. This resource changes the sound of your favorite game much more realistic. Replaced almost all sounds, for example, opening and closing chests, nature, monsters, peaceful creatures and inhabitants. Experience the world of Minecraft in new ways.

PC GUI Pack [1.1.0]

A graphical user interface on the PC version of Minecraft looks a bit different than the Pocket Edition. Therefore, this resource is designed for those who are accustomed to see on your computer screen design your favorite game. Also, this package adds PC texture units of the observer.

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