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UIPack Resource Pack v.1.2 [1.2.5]

UIPack implements clean, modern and simplified view of the user interface of Minecraft. Added more icons that provide an easier way to navigate the game menu. A large part of the interface associated with the Windows home screen and settings have been changed. This is a preliminary alpha version, so this means that there can be some drawbacks. But overall, this is a fully functional and nice UI update of the game.

Pixel Perfection [1.2.5]

Pixel Perfection is a texture pack with low resolution with incredible high quality parts. All aspects of the texture pack has been completely redesigned to give Minecraft a completely new look. All great for the medieval theme. Creator: XSSheep (original texture pack Java Edition) Ported: HongyiMC

Clear Simple Texture Pack v.3.3.0 [1.2.5]

This texture pack combines clean color scheme with simple textures. Most of the textures in the game have been completely redesigned to give the game a new refreshing style. Some parts of the UI were altered by changing colors and images, for example, on the start screen in the settings menu of the game. Compatible with all version of Minecraft PE 1.2.5

Realistic Cubemap v.1.0 [1.2.5]

This is a resource pack that replaces the existing cubic texture for a more realistic, making the world somewhat similar to Skybox. At least it's something that was not in earlier versions of the game (at least until implementation of the Bedrock Engine), it seems that this new function. But it has some drawbacks. For example, none of the objects in the sky is not animated (for example, clouds or the sun). (The sun, moon, etc will work with SSPE) 

Seasons v.1.2 [16x16] [1.2.0]

This Supplement adds the change of seasons in Minecraft. After opredelnie time the seasons begin to change cyclically after each other and you will notice the changing colors of the leaves. All leaves, except leaves of the jungle, change the color, but it will be updated in a future release. No other vegetation, except leaves and grass doesn't change colors.

RPG Music [1.1.0]

This unfortunately replaces all the melodies familiar Minecraft Pocket Edition on classic medieval music. Now our favorite game will reign atmosphere of the RPG. You will be able to experience the same feelings as when passing "Skyrim". Agree that in Minecraft, riding horses in armor and cool weapons, great to hear the original epic sound instead of old and boring ringtones.

Softer Rain Sounds Pack [1.1.0]

Use this resurspak in order to reduce rain noise and make it much more soft for the ears. You'll still hear the falling drops, but don't miss the rest of the sounds in the environment, for example, an approaching creeper. The package presented is very useful because it does not touch any settings. Now You don't have to mute all the sounds from behind, the irritating to the ear, rain.

NostalgyConceptPack [1.1.0]

If You missed capabilities of the old interface of Minecraft Pocket Edition, then this option is exactly what you need. To create a world, add a friend or new servers – everything is easy with this package. All functions are available, but their design has changed somewhat. Try, perhaps, so You really will be easier!

Autumn [1.1.0]

Presented all the ordinary gives the world of Minecraft the autumn atmosphere. Birch leaves acquire a rich red tone, grass and all greens are painted in dark colors with hints of orange. Unfortunately, in fact, is the so-called color map, so it can be combined with various other textures, any resolution (for example, 16x, 32x, and others). This is a very cool addition for those who want to make the familiar world of your favorite game much more comfortable and warm.

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