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Realistic Sounds [1.0.4]

Realistic Sounds is one of the new features in Minecraft Pocket Edition, which is available only as a beta version for Android users. This resource changes the sound of your favorite game much more realistic. Replaced almost all sounds, for example, opening and closing chests, nature, monsters, peaceful creatures and inhabitants. Experience the world of Minecraft in new ways.

Feathercloud Deluxe [128x128] [1.0.0]

Feathercloud Deluxe is the all containing a brilliant mix of difficult details drawn textures and at the same time simplified, which remain true to the original blocky design of Minecraft world. The developer believes that this package can be called HD because it has a resolution of 128x.

Mad Pixels [16x16] [1.0.0]

Mad Pixels is a simplistic cartoon all, pleasing to the eye. Colours are very close to the standard textures, but the design is very different. The mobs and blocks have a much better and more accurate portrayal. Texture perfectly suited to all types of buildings and transform the habitual nature of the Minecraft world for the better.

Radiant Pixels [16x16] [1.0.0]

Radiant Pixels is a texture pack with vibrant colors which will surely make the game world look more beautiful and more joyful. Initially this resource was made for the PC version of Minecraft, and now You can use it in Pocket Edition. In the illustrated package, the fault of the porter, there are a few missing textures, but overall it's not such a big problem.

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