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NextLevel [1.0.0]

NextLevel - big UI update in Minecraft Pocket Edition. With this addition, the pause menu will look even better, and the coordinates are automatically updated. The addon will also fix a bug in Region on IOS devices. Since this is the first release, there has not been without errors, mainly on Windows 10. The developer believes that the location coordinate is quite fitting, especially if in the usual form, they hurt your eyes.

Gallimimus [1.0.0]

Gallien - a dinosaur that roamed the earth millions of years ago. It can be found for the very small eyes, thin body and long tail. This Supplement replaces svinozombi on the ancient reptiles. This mob will be passive and be scared of players and run away from them. However, You will be able to tame gallimimus and ride it, only they don't particularly like.

Shulker Boxes [1.0.0]

Shulker Boxes is a feature in the PC version of Minecraft. It is likely to be introduced Pocket Edition in the near future, since we now have shulker in version 1.0.0. This Supplement replaces the mob sulker sulker boxes that can be used to store items. But since You can get these boxes only using the spawn egg, it's honestly not something that would be useful in survival mode.

Dev Edition [1.0.5]

The idea of this Supplement is to identify the parameters that have been hidden for unknown reasons or they were scheduled for one of the following versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Most of them are not functional, meaning You cannot enable them in the options. This is likely to render, to give You an idea of what may be introduced in the future. You can add paramert as: Maximum frame rate (fps) and the ability to disable the beta text.

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Mine-Gifts [1.0.0]

This Supplement introduces the Christmas gifts and Santa Claus in the familiar world of Minecraft. You can just open the festive box or blast it with a torch to get an unexpected surprise (e.g., diamonds). This addon also adds a few pieces of jewelry that You can give the gaming world the true spirit of Christmas.

Chocobos [1.1.3]

Chocobo is a fictional animal from the game series "Final Fantasy". This giant bird, which is very similar to a chicken or ostrich. You can tame these birds and used for riding. They are very fast and they can not take damage from falling. And let's not forget that Chocobo look very cute and exists in seven different colors!

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Flintlock Pistol [1.0.0]

Flintlock pistol old gun, which was first introduced in the 17th century, now such already is not in use. This addon will execute the dream - to shoot with a flintlock pistol in a hostile world of monsters Minecraft. The weapon replaces the bait, so by using this Supplement, You will not be able to fish.

Agent Pig [1.0.0]

Agent Pig - a great addition for those looking for assistance in dealing with hostile monsters in the world of Minecraft. The addon makes the usual pig-like James bond. She will get a great combination of speed and power that will relieve the majority of threats throughout the adventure in the game.

Bandits [1.0.0]

The amendment introduces several different bandits in the familiar world of Minecraft. Two of them hostile to the players, and one neutral. The addon is undoubtedly cool, if You lack of difficulty in the game or just want diversity among mobs attacking. But not all the evil bandits. For example, Punk will help to deal with enemies if they get close to him.

Mosasaurus and Tylosaurus [1.0.0]

This addon adds two aquatic reptiles: Mosasaurs and Tylosaurus who lived in the time of dinosaurs. Both are fierce marine creatures, so I do water in the world of Minecraft is much more dangerous for those who like to swim. Fortunately, these lizards rarely come across as live only on certain water expanse.

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