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Ender Sickness [1.1.0]

Ender Sickness

Modification of the Edge out of control and accidently caused some problems in the system! All of this will happen if You download and install this addon! Thanks Ender-infection hostile mobs get abilities the wanderer's territory and will be more dangerous. The only useful fact that will make You happy - such monsters are afraid of water, so with this Supplement make sure that inventory was always a bucket of water.

Download ender-sickness-r.mcpack [5,37 Mb] downloaded: 1103 times
Download ender-sickness-b.mcpack [93,82 Kb] downloaded: 550 times
Download [9,96 Mb] downloaded: 354 times
Download last version of Ender Sickness from the official website

Edited by: InnaMononoke - 19-04-2017, 22:23
Reason: Обновление

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