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Killer Clown [1.2.5]

Killer Clown

Killer Clown addon replaces one of the mobs in the game at psi-clown. The most interesting part of this add-on is the model itself, which looks well enough. The killer clown really can not be called a boss, since he only has 10 hearts. If you are going to use it, I recommend you to install this addon together with the theme of Halloween cards. Clown killer replaces Wieser skeleton. It is equipped with an axe and inflicts blindness on their victims before killing them. Wieser skeleton can only be found in Hell. So you need to either go to Hell or use spawn eggs.

Download killerclown-add-on.mcaddon [245,34 Kb] downloaded: 241 times
Download last version of Killer Clown from the official website

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FnaF Heads Pack [1.2.5]

This resource pack replaces some of the heads and skulls in the game the heads of the animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF). Who does not remember, FNAF is a horror game in which you need to survive in the dark in a building with animatronically. How does it work? All heads can wear and wear and put on the ground. Freddy Fazbear (brown) - Replaces the head of a creeper. Chick (yellow) - Replaces the head of the skeleton. Foxy (red) - replaces the head of the skeleton ischitella. Bonnie (purple) - Replaces the zombie's head. 

Fractured World Addon [1.2.6]

This Supplement includes all of the mobs that were included in map adventures Fractured World. All new mobs have a completely new model and texture. Most of them are quite powerful, and some are even considered bosses, so this is a great option for anyone looking for new challenges in Minecraft. How does it work? Most mobs replace those that were originally found in the Overworld or in the end. This means that they will appear naturally and you will be able to quickly find them in the game.

Full list of new mobs:

  • the Evil cow, Replace cow Health: 40 hearts Damage: 4
  • Stone MiniGolem Replaces Creeper Health: 10 hearts Damage: 8
  • the Mummy Boss Replaces the evoker Health: 140 hearts Types of attacks Call bugs
  • Bugs Replaces Vex Health: 10 hearts Damage: 3
  • Mushroom-spider-boss Replaces spider Health: 60 hearts Damage: 18
  • Cave spider boss Replaces cave spider Health: 100 hearts Damage: 5
  • Demonic boss Replaces Zombie Pigman Health: 10 hearts Damage: 5
  • Replaces Giant parrots parrots Health: 35 hearts Damage: 4
  • Mushroom-monster-boss Replaces the witch Health: 400 hearts Damage: 10
  • Snow Golem the snow Golem Boss Replaces Facial animation Health: 150 hearts Damage: 2 Damage from snow: 5
  • Gorilla replaces the Iron Golem Health: 150 hearts Damage: 20
  • Replaces Snow boss zombie Health: 80 Damage: 3

The IT Clown [1.2.5]

It is also known for his favorite guise as the Dancing clown Pennywise — is the main antagonist in the horror novel by Stephen king, which recently appeared in cinemas. Now you can create this hideous creature in Minecraft. Adlon is a great for Halloween! To create it you will need four iron block and a pumpkin. Build the structure, as shown below, and place the clown face on top. IT is natural to become hostile towards players, so be careful. The clown is a very strong and pretty fast. You will not survive long without any armor (I can confirm this!). 

The flat spawn

In this side You find yourself on very flat plains biome. This is probably the most smooth random generation of the world, which only can encounter in Minecraft Pocket Edition. This area will be useful for those who want to build something and doesn't want long to bother with leveling the ground. Also around full of forests, you may gain enough resources for their creations, if you are going to play in survival mode. And here You will find a small village. For this we need to travel a distance of 100-150 blocks straight from spawn point.

Killer Bunny [1.0.0]

Rabbit killer - this addon designed for the PC version of Minecraft that adds the infamous rabbit of Korenica. This animal You could see in the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". In addition, evil is a nice creature - a rabbit who would attack players and try to kill them.

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