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Slendytubbies [1.9.0]


So they got to the Minecraft – meet the Teletubbies. They spawn as mobs anywhere in the world. Attack the player will not – unless, of course, You will not get to fight first. Falling just a fun loot, and to tame them with cookies or stewed mushrooms. 
In this addon there are other characters in the world of Teletubbies, and still have their infected versions – these are aggressive monsters, and loot from them more interesting. With a tink-tank, for example, falls from nine to twenty diamonds!

Download slendytubbies-add-on-v2.0.0-build-2.mcaddon [5 Mb] downloaded: 1191 times
Download last version of Slendytubbies from the official website
Download Slendytubbies from MediaFire

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Presented Supplement introduces characters from video games of horror "Slendytubbies: The Devil Among Us". The resource does not replace any of the usual mob, so this addon should only be used with the 1.8 version of our beloved Minecraft. The game will be, in total, seven kinds of different monsters. They will spaunit'sâ under the cover of night at any point in the vast world. You will also be able to use the egg to create these fearsome creatures. All monsters are hostile, so You never have to meet them eye to eye without good weapons and ammunition. Another addon adds a cute vacuum cleaner - Arkabaev. They won't attack the player just like that. Suggesting that the blue mob of iron, with some chance You manage to tame it. Arcabat will always follow the master and to protect him from any evil.

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