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Mine-Rocket [1.0.0]


Here are one of the most amazing spacecraft that have been created for Minecraft Pocket Edition. The design is very similar to the rockets "Falcon-9", produced by the American company SpaceX. In the game of course, You are unlikely to get to the moon, but the Supplement is worth to try it. Create full the atmosphere of the space, setting the thematic textures and maps.

Download mine-rocket-addon.mcaddon [12,44 Kb] downloaded: 625 times
Download last version of Mine-Rocket from the official website

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Rocket Launcher [1.5.3]

Rocket Launcher - enters in the familiar world of Minecraft is quite powerful and deadly weapons, namely missile launcher. Using this device, You can cause tremendous harm to the environment of the world of Minecraft, so first of all a hundred times will be sure to play with a gun don't get too close with their expensive buildings, if you don't want them to accidentally destroy! Recipe of rocket launchers is the same as that of the bow. Also the gun You will need arrows that have become the real grenade launchers. The use of the installation is very similar to archery. That's just her shells cause an explosion in the average size and subsequent fires. In the future the developer plans to create even more cool weapons for our favorite game Minecraft.

Alien Warfare Pack [1.2.9]

This is a custom texture pack that includes everything you may need to create a cool space map. All weapons have new textures (for example, the Phaser-Blaster). Added special armor and two new mob, Houston acquired a completely different view

Multiplayer Tanks [1.2.9]

This Supplement adds two new army tank in Minecraft that is designed for use in multiplayer mode. You can take a tank and drive around, but also have the ability to shoot missiles at your opponents or hostile mobs. 

The Space Addonv.1.0 [1.2.0]

This addon converts the Region to a dimension in like something on the moon. Stone and brick Edges have been slightly revised. In addition, the gravity was much less. There is also a new suit. How does it work? Space travel is easier than ever. Just go through the portal to reach the moon! But before you go make sure you wear a suit. Wearing the suit gives you several additional benefits. And if you don't wear it, you will have only 7 hearts and reduced movement speed.

  • Flame helmet - you won't drown, improving health (8 hearts)
  • Space jumpsuit - shock protection 
  • Space leggings - Increased speed 
  • Space shoes protection from drops 
Since space suit replaces the leather armor, it can be painted in any color. All you will need is a pot, some paints and water.  

Broken Moon [1.1.0] [Creative]

Your hand-the wolves no longer howl at the moon? It is urgent to do something. This map includes a very interesting mechanism using command blocks. Click on that button and You will find completely new and wonderful satellite of the Earth. Moon will Shine with new colors. She's beautiful.

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