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Gravity Falls [1.0.0] [Creative]

Gravity Falls is pretty well-known animated series. The focus is on two characters: Dipper and Mabel. For summer vacation, these folks were heading to his uncle, who is engaged in tourism business. He works at a place called "the Shack". Throughout the series the children solve mysteries, searching for a clear answer to all paranormal phenomena, including the presence of supernatural beings. This map recreated the town of Gravity falls, where there was action. If You are a fan of the animated series are presented, then be sure to try out this resource, the author hopes that You will love.

Wooden Plane [1.0.0]

Presented Supplement will be useful to those who require vehicles for the carriage of cargo over long distances. In addition to Your inventory, You will also be able to use the trunk of a plane, which contains six slots. The air transport does not include attacking function, but it is possible to enjoy a flight or go on a long journey.

Spaceship [1.0.0]

This addon adds the spaceship in the familiar world of Minecraft. In a future update, if all goes according to plan, we plan to introduce space travel (rebuilt thematic map). Presents starship works like an aircraft Black Hawk and the War Plane. Also, using this addon You will be able to create and wear a space suit that replaces the iron armor.

Animal Trade [1.0.0]

This addon will be useful to those who are desperately in need of food, but for some reason do not want to kill game animals in Minecraft. Instead of cruel to do this to the animals, the Supplement introduces trading with them. This method is quite loyal and will probably make you think of many players over so that it is necessary always carefully and with care to treat all living beings.

Interstellar Space Skies [32x32] [1.0.0]

This resurspak will give Your space the buildings an incredible atmosphere. Cause to believe that the player is not on the Ground, and some lost planet, as, looking up in the night time, You will not find the usual moon. Presents texture pack will replace all the phases of the moon on a fascinating cosmic bodies, for example, the supernova of a giant asteroid. Also You will be able to see different galaxies, clusters of stars and other unusual phenomena, for example, the ring nebula. Yet all will make the Sun much more realistic.

Solar System Skies [16x16] [1.0.0]

The moon in the world of Minecraft, as in real life, goes through eight lunar phases. This resurspak will replace every of the phases of the moon for different planets. Such textures can be useful for those who use the space maps. Looking at the sky, You will see Mars, Saturn, Pluto and other planets. Also presents the package will make the Sun much more realistic.

War Plane [1.0.0]

This addon was created for those who really wishes to rule the heavens infinite world of Minecraft. Presented Supplement will replace the chicken on an amazing plane. Its design is similar to the famous Spitfire fighter, which was used by Royal military-air forces of great Britain during the Second World War. The aircraft has a baggage compartment in which to put any resources. Stock up on cans of fuel and hit the road. Besides flying fighter can also attack the enemy.

Giant Snow Gorilla [1.0.0]

This addon removes the iron Golem and enters a huge snow gorilla, where you can ride on horseback. It is definitely one of the fastest of the mounts currently available. It is possible to instantly navigate through the infinite world of Minecraft. Also, the gorilla can carry some of Your resources. Currently, there are a Supplement has a few bugs, for example, when walking the mob is not moving, but the developer will probably fix it soon.

Smaller Spiders [1.0.0]

This addon reduces all spiders (normal and cave) to realistic sizes. But now they are more difficult to kill, so how to get them will be not so easy. Spiders will not lose its power and will attack players at night time. However, they will be afraid of water, so You should stock up on full buckets.

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