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WWE [1.1.0]


This addon replaces a few mobs in the game on a bunch of world-famous wrestlers and one referee. You will be able to put two Champions against each other and bet on one of them. And if you do not like to watch, and I want to join the fight, please - this is a great way of training their fighting skills. However, remember that all the fights in Minecraft for life and death.

Download wwe-addon.mcaddon [94,24 Kb] downloaded: 164 times
Download wwe-addon-behaviour-final.mcpack [12,54 Kb] downloaded: 90 times
Download wwe-addon-resources-final-set1.mcpack [201,84 Kb] downloaded: 71 times
Download wwe-arena-demo-world.mcworld [149,49 Kb] downloaded: 79 times
Download last version of WWE from the official website

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