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SG The Ditch [1.8.0] [PVP]

Here are the map with open Pvp arena in which players fall out of the stump, standing on three legs. When the player steps on the field of battle, he gets a certain number of points that can be redeemed for all sorts of improvements and useful items. Also for points, You will be able to get a very beneficial effects, lasting from one minute to two. At this point You will be able to get such advantages as: "Deathmatch" - no player can leave the arena or log into it and "KOTH" - if You will be in the center of the circle, will receive two points per second, plus two points for each killed opponent. In the lobby there is a spectator room where you can enjoy the battles, being in complete safety.

SG Package Hunt 1 [1.8.0] [Logical]

Look for more multiplayer games? But tired of all sorts of Pvp battles? Then this classic mini-game from SkyGames made especially for You! Here You don't have fighting with fists and swords. This will require all Your attention. On the arena of ten hidden packages with who knows what inside. The first participant who finds all postal packages in the equipped territory, will be the winner. Call your friends and compete together. For a single training run the game in individual mode and sharpen your skills. Your opponents have no chance to win!

SG The Hunting Game [1.8.0] [PVP]

Hunter is a fun multiplayer game. Here are the gorgeous arena with all sorts of buildings and secluded places where you can hide. One player will be awarded the role of a hunter, while others will become victims. Once the hunter will get all the booty he wins. Identification of victims is a pickaxe in their hands. 

SG Undead Run [1.8.0] [PVE]

Want to check yourself for strength? Then this map is created especially for You! There are two Pve arenas, like festive cakes, United by only one bridge, which unceremoniously will hang zombies. Evil will be more and more and You have to hold this pressure and not let them occupy Your territory. Kill zombies, drop them off a bridge, do what you want, just stay alive and survive as long as possible time. Map made in Halloween style, so You hang around creepy atmosphere.

SG Pumpkin Cutters [1.8.0] [Logical]

Don't know what to do in your free time? Tired of Pvp battles and other active games? It's time to train the brain! On the map You propose to cut on the canvas, the floor, the same pumpkin as You will see on the screen in front of him. Will have to observe all proportion, to the figure was very similar to the original. In this mini-game can be played with friends. Also You have a unique opportunity to take many ideas to create unusual faces in the pumpkins, which then can serve as great decorations in Halloween style.

SG MF: HorrorFest [1.8.0] [Mini game]

Play classic games on this cool theme the map in Halloween style! Invite your friends in a multiplayer mode and have fun together. The map includes three different mini-games that can be run simultaneously. Before you start please see the detailed instruction. "*Censored* Fest" - here it is recommended to play at least three participants. As soon as the game starts, one person will be chosen for the murder, and the second will be a detective. The remaining members will be ordinary civilians who must try to survive for a long time. The suspect is armed with a sword and his goal is to kill all players. The detective will have a hard time, because it needs a short time to find among ordinary people a real maniac. If fighter for justice will end, You will be able to intercept the bow and take responsibility for the salvation of the people upon himself. "SwitchFest" requires at least two participants. The main goal of this game is to be the last survivor. Throughout the game You must fight with your opponents until, until there all alone. If You win, do not worry, better luck next time! "Package Hunt" requires at least two players. Find the five packages that were hidden in random places throughout limited locations. No stage will not be similar to the previous one, making the game is certainly very interesting and exciting. And to the map to give a festive atmosphere, set rainbow texture pack, which You can see below.

SG Horror House [1.8.0] [PVP]

Playing "House of horrors", You'll have a great time with friends. Map created for the multiplayer mode, since one participant is nothing to do here, except just to explore the area. Each group of players will be assigned a role. You can become spiders to protect eggs or, on the contrary, to be the kidnappers. This game with elements of Pvp battles, so get ready for the hot battles. Hunters eggs should make every effort to try to slay the spiders and get the desired artifact to win. Arthropods need to repel the attacks of the troublemakers and not to allow closer to the nest.

SG Climber’s Horror [1.8.0] [PVP]

A good Halloween? It's time to invite friends and to let off steam on this the coolest map. Introducing the TURRET-SPIVACHENKO! Turn your opponent, kick him down and reach the top of this tall building. Don't forget he is not falling down, and in fact, friends are friends. It is worth noting that the map itself looks very nice – in the spirit of the first Halfa, and swims around the vast space of the OS...

SG Smack-o-Lanterns [1.8.0] [PVP]

Here are the Pvp-arena in the form of Islands, floating above the abyss. It is a rotating holiday symbol of Halloween – the big pumpkin. I must say that the movement of the platform is unsafe, since it has a lot of holes directly in the floor. The aim of the player is to capture this pumpkin and its protection. The player who will take a pumpkin becomes a pumpkin bully. He can carry opponents to smithereens, so no one else can get coveted symbol of Halloween. Others should try to catch a pumpkin and become its new owner. It's a pretty fun mini-game with elements of fighting and chasing. Call your friends in multiplayer mode play together!

SG Halloween Maze [1.8.0] [Labirint]

Ready for any gastam? Before Halloween is thoroughly kneaded. The passage of this maze You will go (according to our calculations) for 5-10 minutes, but it will be a truly cunning adventure. The level design is very good – it even nice to just walk around. All the way surrounded by the intricacies of various elements of buildings. The overall architecture is very strange – try to understand it!

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